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Microsoft and Google Still Waiting for Promised WikiLeaks Information about CIA Hacking Tools

Despite Julian Assange’s promise, the two tech giants so far haven’t received any additional details on vulnerabilities in their software, according to sources familiar with the companies’ security teams.


It has been two days since founder Julian Assange promised he would send new information about the alleged CIA hack to tech giants. That pledge followed a massive leak by WikiLeaks which accused the CIA of targeting most of the world's devices with malware programs.

However, neither nor had received any new information by Saturday morning. According to Thomas Fox-Brewster of Forbes, sources familiar with the companies' security teams have said there has been no contact by WikiLeaks yet.

In an emailed statement on Friday, originally sent to press on Thursday, a Microsoft spokesperson said that “[Microsoft has] seen Julian Assange's statement and [has] not yet been contacted”. As of Saturday, Microsoft had not provided any further update.

The Redmond giant said on Friday that Windows PCs should be safe from the CIA hacking tools. Microsoft and noted that the alleged hack appears to target older systems of their OS.

Google concerned over possible dupe

Google, on the other hand, hasn't offered any official comments. However, according to Forbes, two sources close to the company's security staff have said there has been no contact yet.

In addition, one of these sources has revealed Google is concerned that WikiLeaks has duped the public with a PR move of little to no substance.

WikiLeaks decided to redact all binaries that were part of the CIA leak. However, security expert Marc Maiffret uncovered some Windows malware. The former chief technology officer at security firm BeyondTrust, posted an analysis of the Windows implant yesterday. Maiffret discovered two binaries available for download and analyzed one of them, called JQJSNICKER.

Kostas Papanikolaou
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