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Microsoft Rolls Out ISO Update for Windows 10 Build 15042

Windows 10 Build 15042 is a Creators Update preview that was launched a week ago. Microsoft has made the ISO image of the release available today.


Over the last week, has pushed through Windows 10 Build 15042 for PC. The preview was released on the Insider Program on the weekend. Today, the company has rolled out the SDK and is also releasing the official ISOs for Windows 10 Build 15042.

As we explained when it launched, Build 15042 introduces a number of minor features. It is part of Microsoft's final lap towards the Creators Update full release in April. We fully expect preview updates to increase over the coming weeks. We also expect the number of features to decrease.

That latter expectation was certainly met with Windows 10 Build 15042. However, there were some tweaks and additions to the platform. For example, Microsoft expanded on its earlier decision to disable Flash by default on the Edge browser. Build 15042 adds a new dialog that lets users known when Flash is disabled on a page.

The release also made the following changes to Microsoft Edge:

  • “When reading a locally saved EPUB book in Microsoft Edge on PC, a book icon will now be used in the place of the previous generic in the tab bar.
  • If you switch pages while an EPUB book is being read aloud in Microsoft Edge, the reader will now jump to that new location in the book.
  • If you've changed the read aloud settings when reading an EPUB in Microsoft Edge, those settings will now be preserved for subsequently opened books.”

As always, installing an update via an ISO can help users who are finding installing a Windows 10 build normally tough. For example, some users are reporting problems installing Windows 10 preview 14986 through Windows Update. The latest ISO is available on the Windows Insider site at the source.

Windows 10 Preview Build 15046

Microsoft has already moved past Build 15042 and has released Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15046. This update brings a number of Cortana improvements. For example, the company has reverted to the original taskbar color for the virtual assistant. Cortana can now also pick up where she left off across devices.

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