LinkedIn introduces new Lookup feature

Back in December 2016, Satya Nadella outlined Microsoft’s vision for accelerating LinkedIn’s growth. Among others, the company’s CEO presented a feature called LinkedIn Lookup, which now LinkedIn has introduced.

LinkedIn Lookup helps users search and connect with their coworkers. You can easily find coworkers by title, skill, expertise and more. LinkedIn’s new feature comes with a messaging service which allows users to reach out to a coworker, while there is a profile menu where you can “put a face to a name and learn more about any coworker” as Microsoft notes in Lookup’s official page.

Lookup unavailable for Windows Phone

The new feature is available on desktop and mobile web and can be downloaded as a stand-alone app for iOS and Android users.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not give any information about its LinkedIn app strategy for Windows 10 Mobile so we don´t know if the feature and future improvements will also come to this platform.

Recently LinkedIn mistakenly sent out an email saying support for its Windows Phone would end on January 15. However, the company clarified the situation later and said the app will remain open, including older versions of Windows Phone.

LinkedIn has been rolling out several updates, features, and improvements for some time now. Just two weeks ago the company announced enhancements to Premium Subscriptions, in an attempt to make them even more attractive to customers.

You can get the new LinkedIn Lookup app for Android devices here and for iOS devices here.