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LinkedIn is not closing its Windows Phone App

LinkedIn mistakenly sent out an email saying support for its Windows Phone would end on January 15. The company clarified the situation later and said the app will remain open, including for older versions of Windows Phone.


In the space of one day, the app for went from being shuttered to coming back to life. An email was sent to some users offering them to get LinkedIn for other platforms instead of Windows. Later, the -owned business social network clarified the situation and said it Windows Phone app will continue.

The initial email suggested the LinkedIn would be shuttering its Windows Phone app. The email suggested that support for the app would end on January 15, 2017. LinkedIn has a new app for Mobile, but older versions do not support it.

The email said: “At the end of 2015 we launched a new version of our mobile and tablet app, bringing you everything you love about LinkedIn into a simplified, smarter and more intuitive experience. It looks like you have used the older version of our app in the last few months and we wanted to let you know that we will no longer be supporting this older version after January 15, 2017.”

Windows Phone users were then urged to download the app for iOS or Android. This frustration only lasted a while because the company returned later in the day and clarified the position. It seems that the original email was a mistake:

“Earlier today some Windows users of the LinkedIn app mistakenly received an email stating that we would be retiring the older version of the flagship app. Users accessing LinkedIn through the Windows version of the app are not affected, and older versions of the app on the Windows phone will continue to work normally. Additionally, new Windows users can still download the app.”

LinkedIn on Windows Phone

Microsoft's platform has been hit by a number of high profile apps being pulled. The popularity of Windows Phone declined dramatically in 2016 and developers are unwilling to maintain applications. However, it was strange that LinkedIn would close its app, especially since Microsoft acquired the network for $26 billion last year.

Also, Microsoft pushes as a business platform to organizations. The app would be a big miss for the platform when trying to appeal to enterprise customers. With that in mind, it is good that the company has decided to clear up any confusion caused by the email.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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