Microsoft Reintroduces Music Videos on Groove for Xbox One

After removing music videos from Groove Music through the Universal Windows Platform, the company has now returned the feature on the Xbox One.

Groove Music App

Since switched to a Universal Platform (UWP) app, it lost an important feature. Namely, the company removed the ability to watch music videos on the . The feature was previously available to Pass users on the original application, but was removed with UWP.

Now, has reintroduced music video support to Groove on the . A new brings back the ability, Windows Central reports. When the app is first opened a notice announces that music videos are available again.

A new video button is now available in the bottom right of the Now Playing section. It is worth noting that not every song comes with music video support. In the case of songs without videos, the button will not be available in the Now Playing section.

Users can start playing a song to see if it has a music video attached to it. We imagine Microsoft will tidy this up eventually with a simple indicator for music video support on each song. It is good to see this feature come back to Groove. Indeed, as before this feature is only available to users, so OneDrive library-based songs will not have music video.

Groove Music Pass Subscription

In a bid to bring more customers to the paid Music Pass service, Microsoft introduced an offer last month. Users that sign up for Microsoft's 30-day Groove Music Pass trial will get a promo code for an extra three months at no charge. This is probably the best deal we've seen to date, the Anniversary deal only offering four months if you bought a $9.99 subscription.

With Music Pass, users pay the flat $9.99 rate each month. This allows unlimited streaming of the Music library, which consists of 40 million songs. Recently, Microsoft added background music support on the Xbox One.