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Microsoft Patent Allows Full-Color 3D Printing from Paint 3D

Expanding on Microsoft’s recent major Paint 3D announcements, the patent would allow 3D printers to color objects from a full-color gamut.


A couple of weeks ago, took the wrappers off the Windows 10 Creators Update. The upgrade will arrive in spring 2017 and has a heavy focus on 3D. As the name suggests, the Creators Update brings more creativity to the platform, with Paint 3D one of the focal points. The company also has a new patent that pushes its 3D aspirations further.

The new patent introduces full-color 3D printing with mixed CMYKW materials. 3ders.org discovered the filing and offers insight into how the concept works:

“In a nutshell, this patent covers various techniques for mixing CMYKW (cyan, magenta, yellow, key or black and white) 3D printable materials and expressing the design from computer software to a physical device – from CAD model to 3D printed object.”


Microsoft's solution would extend beyond current capabilities. At the moment, 3D printers can create objects in multiple colors, but cannot show the full color gamut.

In addition, none of the conventional technologies are capable of determining exactly which color to produce because they are not capable of translating a full-color model into machine instructions [to 3D print them],” the Microsoft team writes. “Limitations imposed by such conventional technologies […] inhibit full color three-dimensional object fabrication.”

3D Printing in Paint 3D

As mentioned, Microsoft introduced at its event in New York at the end of October. The company announced that users can move their Paint-created objects directly to a 3D printer. It seems this patent is an extension of that ability. It would let users color their creations how they want.

Of course, a patent does not always mean the feature will definitely arrive. However, Microsoft is on a 3D push at the moment, and this fits right into that ethos. We imagine this will see the light of day eventually.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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