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Microsoft’s Slack Competitor Will Be Called ‘Microsoft Teams’

The Skype Teams website redirects to a new 'Microsoft Teams' page, suggesting a re-brand for the service.


We've heard a lot about 's competitor so far, from its features to its development history. However, the original name of ‘Skype Teams' has always seemed a bit off.

The application has never felt like a Skype extension, from its interface to its branding. It appears Microsoft had the same worries, as they've now renamed the program.

Microsoft's previous login portal was registered at the url teams.skype.com. Likewise, internal documents point to a release under the Skype umbrella. However, the link now redirects to a new page, complete with a logo.


It's not clear what Microsoft's exact motive was for the change. We can speculate, however, that Skype was seen as too consumer focused. Microsoft's Windows 10 event is scheduled for tomorrow, and we expect the open beta to launch then.

Microsoft Teams – What we Know so Far

At this point, Microsoft won't be able to generate much surprise over the service. The application was first leaked in September, followed by a release date and an update on features.

Microsoft Teams will have some significant changes over Slack, including integrated support. Screenshots show collaboration on documents within the Microsoft Teams interface.


The app will also feature threaded conversations. The feature organizes channels into -like comment threads, allowing users to pick and choose what they reply to.

This allows for video calls regarding specific documents, where users can see the changes via screen share in real-time. This combines with other Office 365 elements such as calendars, OneDrive storage, and SharePoint files.

Despite this, Microsoft is going for a slightly different market to its competitor. The service will be available as part of existing Office 365 subscriptions, rather than standalone. This makes it a natural choice for companies with existing subscriptions but firms those without will likely stay with Slack.

In any case, Microsoft Teams is looking like a very strong competitor. The name change will help make its intentions clearer, and we'll let you know all the details after the event tomorrow.

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