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Microsoft Updates OneNote for Windows 10

The Universal Windows Platform version of OneNote for Windows 10 now allows users to highlight text and conduct one-click formatting. Individual page sharing is now possible via viewing links and note creation can be conducted on all account types.


OneNote users on are being treated to a new update. has rolled out some new features for its note-taking application. As this is a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, the update will work across PC, Mobile, and HoloLens. Of course, you need to be running Windows 10 Anniversary Update on any of those platforms.

While not an extensive changelog, there is some new functionality on board OneNote. For example, Microsoft has added a new highlighting tool. This allows users to select important information and make formatting edits in one click.

Also included in the new update is the ability to create a new notebook via a school or work account. This has been available from personal accounts for some time. This solid update also brings features like link sending for individual pages and a share button on other apps.

Check out the full changelog:

  • Grab the new highlighter and select your important text. You can almost hear the squeak on the page.
  • Too much of a good thing? Remove all that bold, italic, underlined, purple, 18 point, Lucida Sans formatting in just one click.
  • No need to share the whole notebook. Send a viewing link to a single page and let them see it in a browser–no sign-in or app required.
  • Create a new notebook using your work or school account, or your personal account.
  • Paste a link to an Office 365 Video or a Microsoft Form, and interact with it directly on the page.
  • Use the Share button in any app to send photos or files to OneNote.
  • Make your pictures accessible to screen readers by adding alternative text.

Recent Changes

Last month, Microsoft announced it will re-introduce the voice recording feature. OneNote on Windows 8.1 boasted this feature, but the company removed it from Windows 10. Users have missed this feature, so it is good to see Microsoft bringing it back.

Also, the company revealed that it is working on a unified UI experience for OneNote. At the moment, the service differs in design and layout depending on what platform you use it on. Microsoft knows this is counterintuitive in its era of UWP and cross-platform unity. So, the company says it will create a universal OneNote experience for all platforms.

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