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Microsoft Ignite 2016: Keynote Focuses on Improving Security across Services

Microsoft opened Ignite 2016 by doubling down on security measures. The company debuted Windows Defender Application Guard, new features for Office 365 ATP, and an Enterprise Mobility and Security service.


's conference is underway after the company's keynote at the event today. The partner-focused conference is an important date on Microsoft's calendar. The keynote put an emphasis on improved security across Microsoft services. To help achieve this, the company announced Windows Defender Application Guard.

The new security service will enhance protection on Windows 10, , and Enterprise Mobility and Security. The latter was formerly known as Enterprise Mobility Suite. The purpose of Windows Defender Application Guard is to make the Windows 10 Edge browser more secure.

In fact, Microsoft says it is designed to make Edge the most secure browser. The defender will combat malware, containing it and stopping it spreading. Microsoft has already how Edge is the most power-efficient browser and is now doubling down on security.

The new security service will come to Windows Insiders soon. Microsoft adds that it will be rolled out to Windows 10 Enterprise customers during Q1 of 2017.

Integration with other services

Windows Defender will also work alongside Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). The two services will “talk to each other” and share data. The goal is to give admins easier access to tools to deal with threats.

Office 365 ATP is also getting some security-focused new features. Firstly, and rather importantly, it is now supporting Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business. URL Detonation is a new feature that will scan links on all those services to manage threats in real time.

Threat Intelligence is another notable Office 365 ATP addition. It can track down the origin of a threat. This gives IT professionals the ability to stop problems at their source and deal with them accordingly.

Enterprise Mobility and Security

As mentioned, Microsoft has replaced Enterprise Mobility Suite with a new service. Enterprise Mobility and Security is implemented to offer smoother transitions to the cloud. It features Azure Information Protection, which lets customers protect their data through a classification system.

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