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Microsoft Unveils New AI Text-to-Speech Voices for Azure OpenAI

Microsoft's new AI neural voices aim to improve speech-driven chatbots and voice assistants.

GitHub Advanced Security for Azure DevOps Now Generally Available

GitHub Advanced Security enhances the Azure DevOps environment by offering developers tools like secret scanning, dependency scanning, and CodeQL code scanning.
Microsoft Azure Update Manager

Azure Update Manager Now Generally Available

Azure Update Manager oversees software updates for Windows and Linux on Azure VMs and other cloud platforms.

Petronas, Microsoft, and Cegal Partner to Develop Azure HPC and AI Platform for Energy...

Petronas, Microsoft, and Cegal have partnered to develop an Azure HPC and AI platform for the energy industry.

Microsoft and Orbbec Introduce Femto Bolt to Replace Azure Kinect Developer Kit

The Femto Bolt is anticipated to be utilized in sectors such as logistics, robotics, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and fitness.
Azure Kinect camera

Microsoft Ends Azure Kinect Developer Kit Production

The Azure Kinect Developer Kit SDK will remain available for download, and additional devices can be purchased until the end of October or while stocks last.
Databricks Unity Catalog

Microsoft to Offer Databricks AI Software on Azure

Databricks offers an AI-driven data analytics platform that assists organizations in constructing their AI models.

Microsoft Azure ChatGPT in OpenAI Service Gets a Local “Private” Version

Microsoft says the Azure ChatGPT integration it brought to Azure OpenAI is now available as a local secure version for enterprises.

Azure AI Text-to-Speech Adds Male Voice and More Languages to Boost Inclusion

Microsoft Azure AI Text-to-Speech expands from 14 to 41 languages with new male voice, Ryan Multilingual.

Microsoft Addresses Azure Vulnerability after Harsh Criticism from Cybersecurity Experts

Microsoft defends its handling of security vulnerabilities, stating it follows an extensive process involving a thorough investigation, update development, and compatibility testing.
Microsoft Azure Attestation Service

Windows 11 Moves to Azure Attestation Service for Client Attestation Reporting

Client Attestation Reporting in Windows protect user credentials when using a Remote Desktop connection and/or in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scenarios.
Microsoft Azure AD Active Directory collage from official

Microsoft Azure AD Facing Potential Cross-Tenant Synchronization Attack Surface

A new attack vector has been discovered that can be used to gain unauthorized access to Azure AD CTS.

Microsoft Azure Application Gateway for Containers Now Available as Public Preview

Azure Application Gateway for Containers is a load balancing solution that provides application-level routing for containerized applications.

Azure API Management Introduces OData API Type in Public Preview

Azure API Management, a service by Microsoft, has introduced a public preview of the OData API type. This new feature allows users to import...

Microsoft Entra ID: Rebranded Azure AD with New Entra AI and Entra Data Features

Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory, with two new features: Entra AI and Entra Data.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service to Power Moody’s Co-Pilot for Financial Services

Moody's and Microsoft have partnered to develop enhanced risk data analytics, research, and collaboration solutions powered by generative AI.

Azure Remote Rendering Brings High-Quality 3D Experiences to Meta Quest

Meta Quest is getting a major boost with the addition of Azure Remote Rendering. This cloud-based service allows developers to render high-quality, interactive 3D content on remote servers

Microsoft Addresses Azure AD nOAuth Flaw Allowing Account Takeover

Microsoft has resolved a serious security vulnerability in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) authentication. The flaw, known as "nOAuth," which was revealed by the...

Google Takes Aim at Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Practices

Google has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing market to boost its Azure platform.

Major Microsoft Azure Outage Caused by Typo

In a recent incident that lasted over 10 hours, Microsoft Azure DevOps experienced a significant outage in the South Brazil Region. The cause? A...

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