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Microsoft Unveils Complimentary Azure Expert Assessment for Cloud Migration

Microsoft offers a new Azure Expert Assessment service to help organizations plan and cost their cloud migrations.


has unveiled a new Azure Expert Assessment service, currently in preview, designed explicitly for organizations looking to transition their workloads to services. This evaluative program is an enhancement to the established Microsoft Solution Assessment Program, providing customized advice through a Certified Azure Expert who collaborates directly with participants. The expert's role is to conduct the assessment thoroughly, offering subsequent recommendations for any needed changes.

Scope and Benefits of the Assessment

The Azure Expert Assessment addresses those contemplating the migration of SQL Server and Windows Server workloads to the cloud. It also includes reviews for financial operations within the cloud, known as FinOps, and the Azure Well-Architected Review, which ensures that cloud architectures are optimally designed. Microsoft emphasizes the program's global availability, inviting customers from any location to benefit from this initiative.

Upon completion, the assessment yields a detailed report suitable as a technical guide for Azure migrations. It encapsulates best practices, essential tools, and resources aimed at streamlining the implementation of cloud solutions. An additional deliverable, a customized PowerPoint presentation, summarizes the crucial findings and outlines recommended next steps for cloud adoption.

Understanding Migration Readiness and Costs

Through the Azure Expert Assessment, organizations gain insights into their current IT environment's readiness for migration. Importantly, the program includes an estimation of the costs associated with transferring services to Azure. In the spirit of transparency, Microsoft acknowledges the program's current preview status, which allows them to limit access at their discretion. Participants can apply for a voucher to engage with the Azure Expert Assessment, but they are advised that these vouchers may cease to work, correlating with service updates and expected functionality improvements as Microsoft fine-tunes the service for a forthcoming public release.

The assessment landing page outlines that while the purpose remains focused on evaluating backend functionalities, Microsoft's goal is to ensure a “seamless experience” for the official launch. Subscribing to the program now offers organizations a proactive opportunity to plan their migration more effectively and to forecast expenses before committing to the transition fully.

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