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Microsoft Azure AI Services Launches Personal Voice for Customized AI Audio

Microsoft's Personal Voice lets users generate their own AI-based voice using a 60-second audio recording.


has introduced Personal Voice, a new feature allowing individuals and businesses to generate AI-based voices using their own vocal samples. Announced during the Ignite 2023 developers conference, the Azure AI Speech service's latest addition is set to revolutionize the way AI voices are created, providing opportunities in gaming, dubbing, and personalized voice assistants.

Simplifying Voice Synthesis

The new feature builds upon Microsoft's existing custom neural voice capabilities, streamlining the process for creating a synthetic voice that closely resembles a specific person's speech. Compared to traditional methods that may be complex or expensive, Personal Voice enables users to synthesize a voice that mirrors their own with just a 60-second audio recording.

This technological advancement is seen as particularly transformative for the entertainment industry, where it could be employed to dub an actor's voice across various languages, thereby maintaining a consistent vocal presence. In gaming, players might imbue their characters with a voice that reflects their actual speech, offering a more immersive experience.

Microsoft uses similar AI capabilities in the Skype TruVoice feature. Skype now supports real-time for video calls and the translation will use your personal voice (TruVoice). This means the person who hears the translation of you speaking will hear it in your actual voice.

Ethical Considerations and Availability

In light of potential misuses, such as creating deceptive audio clips, Microsoft emphasizes the importance of ethical conduct. Users must consent via a recorded statement, acknowledging they are aware that a digital version of their voice will be created and utilized. Adherence to Microsoft's established guidelines and conduct code is mandatory for all users.

Initially, Personal Voice will be accessible within limited regions, including West Europe, East US, and South East Asia. The company prepares for a public preview slated to become available on December 1. Microsoft's initiative arguably represents a step forward in naturalistic AI interactions by melding cutting-edge AI with the uniqueness of individual human voices. With meticulous guidelines and responsible usage, Personal Voice may soon redefine synthetic voice applications across various sectors.

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