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Azure Database for MariaDB Retirement Announced

Microsoft is retiring the service to concentrate on improving Azure Database for MySQL, especially the Flexible Server option.


has announced the retirement of Azure Database for MariaDB, a service that has been generally available since 2018. The service is set to be retired on September 19, 2025, urging users to migrate to Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Server by that date. The decision to retire the service comes as Microsoft continues to invest in and focus on enhancing the features and performance of Azure Database for MySQL, particularly the Flexible Server deployment option.

Focus on MySQL Flexible Server

Azure Database for MySQL – Flexible Server, released in November 2021, is positioned as the next-generation deployment option, offering enhanced features, improved architecture, and more controls to manage costs across all service tiers. The platform is designed to provide improved performance for business-critical production workloads requiring low latency, high concurrency, fast failover, and high scalability.

Microsoft encourages users to migrate to experience the new capabilities of the service, including more ways to optimize costs and improved uptime with configurable hot standby options.

Migration and Support Details

Users are advised to start planning their migration from Azure Database for MariaDB to Azure Database for MySQL as soon as possible, given that the ability to create new MariaDB instances using the Azure portal will no longer be supported beginning on December 19, 2023.

However, users can still create MariaDB instances using the Azure CLI until March 19, 2024. Microsoft has made it clear that they do not plan to support Azure Database for MariaDB beyond the sunset date. For users with additional questions or in need of technical help regarding the migration, Microsoft has provided resources and support channels, including community Q&A and dedicated support requests.

FAQs and Community Engagement

To address concerns and queries regarding Azure Database for MariaDB, Microsoft has published an FAQ. Users seeking additional information or clarification can engage with community experts in Microsoft Q&A or reach out directly to the dedicated email support at [email protected].

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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