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G7 Nations Introduce International AI Code of Conduct, Stressing Trustworthiness and Human-Centricity

The Group of Seven (G7) industrial countries has announced a new set of guidelines for organizations developing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.
Artificial Intelligence AI

White House Executive Order Instigates Balance between AI Power and Risk

The Biden administration has issued an executive order to regulate the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (A.I.)

Microsoft Works on Using AI for Automatic File-Editing and File-Attachments

Two new patents aim to revolutionize file management and editing using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Foxconn And Nvidia To Construct AI Factories To Facilitate Self-Driving Cars’ Development

Foxconn has partnered with Nvidia to build a new class of AI datacenters to drive the development of artificial intelligence models.

Microsoft Viva Incorporates AI-Based ‘Skills’ Feature to Enhance Employee Profiling

Microsoft Viva Skills, set to launch by year's end, aims to detect and address any skill gaps using artificial intelligence.

YouTube Starts AI Music Incubator with Universal Music

The initiative aims to explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of music.

Billionaire Investor David Tepper Raises Nvidia Stake by 580%

The decision to invest heavily in Nvidia may be attributed to the vast potential of artificial intelligence (AI)

Study: ChatGPT Surpasses 99% of College Students in Creativity Tests

Findings from the University of Montana and partners show that artificial intelligence can compete with the creative abilities of the top 1% of human participants.

Google Search Now Has a Built-in Grammar Check Tool for Web Searches

Google Search now has a grammar check toolthat uses artificial intelligence to identify grammar errors and suggest corrections.

Japan Considers Softer AI Regulations than the EU AI Act as the Two Seek...

Japan is considering a more lenient approach to regulating artificial intelligence (AI) than the European Union's AI Act.
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AI Act Too Burdensome, Could Stifle Innovation, Say 150+ Top European Businesses

Over 150 European companies have signed an open letter urging the EU to rethink its AI Act plans to regulate artificial intelligence (AI).
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Microsoft Launches Generative AI Certification Program to Help Professionals Learn to Use the Technology

Microsoft has launched a new certification program for generative AI, a type of artificial intelligence that can create new content from existing data.

Apple Machine Learning Head Departs to Become CEO of the AI2 Research Institute

Apple machine learning chief Ali Farhadi has left the company and will now head the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (A12).
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Microsoft Gets Serious about AI Safety, Details Internal Regulatory Measures

Microsoft says that it is serious about safe AI development as the company moves to ease growing concerns about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

Microsoft-backed BSA Calls on Congress to Create AI Rules and Guidelines

Tech companies publish guidelines to rally Congress into creating clear rules about the development of artificial intelligence (AI)

Google “Phenaki” AI Brings Video Creation Demo to 60 Minutes

Google has shown its Phenaki AI model on 60 Minutes Overtime, highlighting a video generating artificial intelligence.

Microsoft’s New DeepSpeed Chat Offers ChatGPT-Like AI to Everyone

Microsoft says its new DeepSpeed Chat allows developers to create their own conversational artificial intelligence (AI) models.

Microsoft Loop Reaches First Public Preview

Microsoft Loop is now available as a standalone application and includes Microsoft 365 Copilot artificial intelligence features.
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Microsoft Lays Off Employees from its AI Ethics Team

Microsoft latest round of layoffs has meant employees from its artificial intelligence ethics and society team have been let go.
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Microsoft Could Leverage TSMC CoWoS for Its Propietory AI Chip

Microsoft could contract TSMC and use the CoWoS platform to develop its own artificial intelligence chip for future AI products.

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