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Microsoft EVP Harry Shum Discusses Conversational AI Capabilities Added to Bing Search

Bing is now powered with artificial intelligence delivering improved machine reading comprehension, multiple perspectives, and a more interactive experience.

Microsoft Delivers AI Improvements to Office Apps and Cortana

Office apps Word, Excel, and Outlook are getting new AI capabilities over the coming months, while Cortana will use artificial intelligence to become more natural.

NASA JPL Research Finds AI-Powered Drones Could Outperform Human Pilots

A study pitted a NASA AI-powered drone against a pro pilot and found the artificial intelligence was safer and immune to fatigue.

Microsoft Pix on iOS Scores Styles and Painting Features

Microsoft has leveraged artificial intelligence to bring more stylistic customizations to its Pix photo app. The company now allows users to add layer effects inspired by famed images.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: We Want AI to Make Workers More Effective, Not Replace...

Satya Nadella has acknowledged the danger of AI to the job market, advising businesses to build AI intelligently into software and services. He believes the next two years will be essential in creating an open environment for artificial intelligence.
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LinkedIn Co-Founder Reid Hoffman Teams up with Omidyar Network to Create $27 Million AI...

The Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence Fund will be based out of Harvard and MIT, and seeks to foster discussion about the social and economic impact of AI. According to Reid Hoffman, the initiative seeks to foster the good in AI and reduce harm.
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Apple Gears Up on AI, but is it Too Late to Catch Microsoft?

Microsoft’s AI aspirations have been in full gear for some time, while the company has been clear about making AI a focus moving forward. Apple has been more secretive about its artificial intelligence plans, but the company is now starting to open up. Is it too little too late to catch Microsoft and other leading AI companies?
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Microsoft Launches Machine Learning Consortium to Improve Eye Care

Microsoft´s Intelligent Network for Eyecare (MINE) is a collaboration with the L V Prasad Eye Institute in India and other global experts. The new partnership hopes to apply artificial intelligence to eliminate avoidable blindness and improve eye care service around the globe.
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Bing Ads Advertisers Will Soon Have Bots to Help Optimize Their Content

With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, Microsoft plans to bring bots for Bing Ads customers to manage their content.
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Microsoft’s AI Research Chief Eric Horvitz Receives Prestigious Award

Artificial Intelligence expert Eric Horvitz has been awarded the ACM-AAI Allen Newell Award for groundbreaking contributions.
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Microsoft acquires SwiftKey to strengthen AI and productivity

The company is reportedly paying $250 million to the makers of SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard app which is powered by artificial intelligence.

Microsoft Launches Azure Orbital With its Own Ground Station

Microsoft’s Azure Space plans are taking shape with Azure Orbital, a service that provides data and communication with orbiting satellites.

Office 365 Gets AI-Powered Tool for Exporting Word Documents to PowerPoint

With Export to PowerPoint, Office 365 users running Word online can now convert documents into professional presentations.

Microsoft, BBC, and Adobe Start Coalition to Stop Fake News and Misinformation

Microsoft’s efforts to combat fake news now include the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity, which aims to offer standard source certification.

Microsoft Research VinVL Makes Vision-Language Breakthrough

VinVL is a Microsoft Research project that brings leading image encoding in the VL space and will be a part of Azure Cognitive Services.

Microsoft’s DeBERTa AI Bests Human Performance on SuperGLUE Benchmark

Microsoft Research says several improvements to its DeBERTa pretrained language model has achieved the highest score on SuperGLUE.

Microsoft’s Azure Studio Alpha Solutions Applies Gaming Principles to Big Business

Microsoft is debuting a new Azure-powered solution called Studio Alpha, aimed at brining gaming ideals to enterprise and government organizations.
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Microsoft Debuts ACTS Initiative to Combat Corruption

Microsoft has announced International Anti-Corruption Technology and Solutions to combat organizational and governmental corruption.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Power C3.ai and Adobe Cloud Experience Collaboration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will power C3 AI CRM, a new platform developed with C3.ai and Adobe Cloud Experience for enterprise.
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Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services AI System Can Describe Images as Accurately as Humans

Microsoft has revealed a new AI model through Azure Cognitive Services, delivering a breakthrough in image description accuracy.