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Microsoft and Korea’s SK Announce Strategic Partnership on 5G, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft's memorium of understanding with SK Telecom is not legally binding but will align strategies and collaboration across a number of evolving technologies.

Artificial Intelligence Research Results in Autonomous Drones

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, almost any drone can become fully autonomous and can create 3D maps from the air.
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Intel Announces Focus on AI with Unified Artificial Intelligence Business

In an announcement, Intel says it is bringing its various artificial intelligence divisions under one new umbrella, called the Artificial Intelligence Products Group.
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Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook Form Partnership on Artificial Intelligence

The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society wants to use AI to benefit society via research and open discourse.
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CaffeOnSpark: After Microsoft, Facebook and Google also Yahoo Open Sources Its Artificial Intelligence Engine

The web giant is just the latest tech entity to show off its open source AI engine, with Flickr benefitting from CaffeOnSpark’s learning ability.
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Microsoft challenges Google by open-sourcing its artificial intelligence software

Microsoft has released CNTK – its open-source deep learning AI toolkit on Github, keeping up with Google, who open-sourced its very own artificial intelligence engine TensorFlow last year.
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Microsoft Researcher Urges Science Community To Deal With Risks Of Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft’s leading researcher, Eric Horvitz and Thomas Dietterich of Oregon State University have written a viewpoint column advising researchers to focus on the challenges...

Microsoft Debuts Counterfit to Automate AI Security

Counterfit is a new Microsoft solution that provides automated security for artificial intelligence services across and organization.
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Microsoft Research DeepSinger AI Can Sing in English and Chinese

The DeepSinger artificial intelligence model created a vast music data set and can generate singing voices in three languages.

Microsoft Research Develops AI that Learns Through Positive Human Feedback

Microsoft Research has detailed a new artificial intelligence framework that learns through positive affectivity such as a smile.

Microsoft AirSim Updated to Improve Game of Drones AI Capabilities

Microsoft says it has improved various aspects of AirSim to improve Game of Drones integration with the artificial intelligence simulator.

Google Docs Gains UI-Powered Grammar Checks for G Suite

G Suite subscribers will soon use artificial intelligence for Google Docs grammar checks. Google says the feature will be available next week.

Microsoft’s Chief Lawyers Speaks with Pope Francis to Address AI Concerns

Brad Smith yesterday met with Pope Francis to discuss ethics in AI and to announce a joint prize for scholar work in artificial intelligence.

Trump Launches American A.I. Initiative to Drive Tech Innovation

The American A.I. Innovation seeks to drive artificial intelligence development, but is it too short on substance or an important first step?

Google Checks in on AI Principles with Review System

Google has conducted over 100 reviews into its guiding artificial intelligence (AI) principles to ensure they are functioning.

Microsoft Opens AI Competition to Fight Malware

Microsoft wants to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to power anti-malware solutions on Windows 10. To help, the company is asking AI developers.
Project xCloud streams Sea of Thieves to a tablet with a prototype touch overlay.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud Will Use AI for Game Transitions

Microsoft is working to use artificial intelligence in Project xCloud for predicting which games users will want to play next.

Google Debuts AI to Detect and Remove Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM)

A new artificial intelligence model from Google can find Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) up to seven times faster than manual searches.

Microsoft Debuts Azure Based AI for Preventing Mobile Banking Fraud

A new Azure powered artificial intelligence can detect mobile banking fraud within two seconds and give users quicker response times.

Microsoft’s TextWorld Generates Text-Based Games to Test AI Models

TextWorld is a text-based game generator that tests artificial intelligence under conditions that call for human-level thinking and problem solving.