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OpenAI Co-Founder Elon Musk Slams Microsoft’s Exclusive GPT-3 License

Microsoft is exclusively licensing OpenAI GPT-3 language model but says it will remain open. Musk has directly questioned the deal.

Microsoft Debuts Deepfake Authenticator Tool Ahead of the U.S. Elections

Microsoft’s new deepfake authenticator tool can return a percentage chance on whether media has been synthetically manipulated.

Microsoft Improves Azure Outage Reporting with AIOps in Service Health

Microsoft says it wants to communicate Azure outages better, and is pointing users towards Service Health, which includes AIOps reporting.

Microsoft Garage Trove Platform Helps Train AI with User Submitted Images

By using Trove, photographers can submit images to help developers train AI models, while potentially receiving prizes in return.
Microsoft and Open Source Community official

Microsoft FOSS Fund Arrives to Give Employees Ways to Nominate and Fund Open Source...

Microsoft employees can recommend open source projects to the Microsoft FOSS Fund, which will provide $10,000 to successful candidates.
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Report: Microsoft to Lay Off More MSN Editors in Favor of AI

Microsoft News is continuing to push towards automated story picking and more MSN editorial staff members are leaving the company.

Microsoft Acquires ADRM Software to Develop Data Models for Azure

Microsoft has announced the purchase of data model develop ADRM, which will be incorporated into its Microsoft Azure division.

Microsoft News AI Slammed for Confusing Mixed-Race Singers

Microsoft News AI has been criticized for mixing up the mixed-race members of the British pop group Little Mix.

Microsoft Demos Supercomputer Built with OpenAI

Microsoft demoed the supercomputer it built with OpenAI that was announced at Build 2020, showing impressive results.

Microsoft and OpenAI Announce One of the World’s Most Powerful Supercomputers

Microsoft and OpenAI have revealed a supercomputer that is the fifth most powerful system ever created, which will be used for AI training.
Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux

Build 2020: Windows Subsystem for Linux Now Runs Linux Applications

Microsoft has updated Windows Subsystem for Linux to support Linux GUI applications, allowing users to run Linux apps on Windows.
Microsoft LOVES Linux

Microsoft Says Former Stance on Linux Put Company on the “Wrong Side of History”

Microsoft president Brad Smith is the latest executive to accept the company’s Linux position was previously wrong.

Nvidia Ampere A100 GPU Arrives to Power New Generation of Supercomputers

Nvidia has announced the new A100 GPU, built on Ampere architecture and the world’s largest 7nm chip in production.

Microsoft and Intel Develop STAMINA to Detect and Classify Malware

STAMINA is a new deep learning model from Microsoft and Intel that can detect and classify malware to a high accuracy.
Power BI Apps

Microsoft Power BI Receives Extensive Update across Services

Microsoft Power BI updates were announced at the Business Applications Summit, including AI improvements and Excel.

Google DeepMind’s Agent57 AI Bests Humans at Beating Atari Games

DeepMind’s Agent57 AI because the first tool to beat humans at all Atari games in the Arcade Learning Environment (ALE) data set.
Microsoft Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Names First Ever Chief Scientific Office to Lead Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research will now be steered by Eric Horvitz, who has been named as Microsoft’s first chief scientific officer.

Report: AWS Is Doubling Its Sales Team in a Big Push against Microsoft Azure

AWS will reportedly double its sales staff with a renewed focus on technical expertise in AI, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Microsoft Pledges $1.1 Billion Investment in Mexico, Including New Azure Region

Microsoft Mexico says it will invest $1.1 billion in the country over the next five years, with a new Azure region being created.

Google Cloud Vision API Removes Gender Labelling

Google Cloud Vision API will no longer label people in images by gender as Google seeks to remove bias from its AI solutions.