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Google Expands Gemini Assistant Capabilities with Automatic Maps Integration

Google's AI assistant, Gemini, now starts navigation in Google Maps automatically when you ask for directions.


Google has updated its experimental AI assistant, Gemini, on mobile to include the capability of automatically initiating navigation in Google Maps upon receiving user commands. When users instruct Gemini to “Navigate me to [X],” the assistant not only provides essential details such as the distance and estimated time of arrival but also proceeds to launch Google Maps navigation after a brief interval. This development marks a significant enhancement in user convenience, streamlining the process of initiating travel.

Seamless Integration with Google Services

Gemini’s ability to interact directly with Google Maps, bypassing the need for the legacy Google Assistant, is facilitated by its use of various extensions. Specifically, the Google Maps extension enables this functionality, demonstrating Gemini’s capacity to seamlessly integrate with other Google applications and services. This feature is also accessible to iPhone users through the Google app, indicating Google’s commitment to cross-platform compatibility. As an AI assistant intended to succeed the traditional Google Assistant on Android devices, Gemini showcases Google’s advancements in large language model (LLM) technology, which underpins the assistant’s capabilities.

Future Directions and Limitations

Despite its innovative features, Gemini currently does not support several functionalities available in the Google Assistant, such as Routines and music playback commands. Google has explicitly stated that “Podcasts, news and radio stations, and third-party music providers aren’t currently supported in Gemini.”

However, Google continues to enhance the assistant’s capabilities, indicating ongoing development efforts. Furthermore, reports suggest that Apple is considering integrating Gemini to power AI features on the iPhone, with similar negotiations underway with Baidu for the Chinese market. In addition to these developments, Google Maps has recently expanded its offerings to include AI-generated summaries, trending lists, and more customizable options, reflecting Google’s broader efforts to incorporate AI technologies across its services.

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