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Minecraft Becomes a Platform for Ukrainian Resilience with Soledar Salt Mine Recreation

Ukraine recreated Europe's biggest salt mine in Minecraft to raise money for a school damaged by war.


The Ukrainian government has unveiled a unique initiative, recreating the Soledar Salt Mine, Europe’s largest salt mine, within the popular video game Minecraft. This project, named Minesalt through the United24 initiative, aims to generate funds for the restoration of the Velykokostromska school in Dnipro oblast, which suffered extensive damage due to a Russian missile strike in October 2022. The launch of Minesalt marks a significant step in leveraging digital platforms for philanthropic purposes, blending entertainment with a call to action for global supporters.

Engagement Through Gaming

Minesalt offers players an immersive experience, challenging them to navigate the virtual mine to collect 140 hidden salt crystals. Beyond the game’s competitive aspect, it serves as an educational tool, providing insights into the Soledar Salt Mine’s history and significance. The project was meticulously developed with the help of former Soledar worker Stepan Bandrivskyi, who provided detailed accounts and guidance to ensure an authentic recreation of the mine. The game not only features a race against time but also includes a quiz to test players’ knowledge of Soledar, further deepening their engagement with the cause.

A Community Effort

The initiative has garnered support from various quarters, including celebrity endorsements and contributions from players worldwide. Participants stand a chance to win an array of prizes, from gaming consoles to autographed salt bags by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. However, the ultimate goal remains the reconstruction of the Velykokostromska school, with an estimated repair cost exceeding $1 million. Through Minesalt, the Ukrainian government’s crowdfunding arm, United24, aims to combat donor fatigue by introducing an innovative and interactive method to rally support for Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts.

In a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Ukrainian people, Minesalt not only preserves the memory of a significant national asset but also mobilizes global support for the country’s recovery. As the conflict continues, initiatives like Minesalt play a crucial role in sustaining international attention and aid for Ukraine, demonstrating the power of digital platforms in fostering solidarity and support for humanitarian causes.

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