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Microsoft Unveils Improved Forms for Lists in 365 Work and Education Suites

Microsoft improved forms in Lists for work/education in Microsoft 365. Users can now create and customize forms directly in Lists to collect data.


Microsoft has unveiled improvements to the forms feature within its Lists application, targeting Microsoft 365 users in work and education environments. The update is engineered to simplify the process of gathering information, enabling users to create lists with greater efficiency than before. By leveraging the enhanced forms feature, users can now quickly generate new forms directly within the Lists app, facilitating a smoother data collection process.

Customization and Distribution Made Simple

The process of creating a form within the Lists app is straightforward. Users can access the Forms menu at the application’s top, where selecting ‘New Form’ generates a fresh form ready for customization. This update allows for a high degree of personalization, enabling users to tailor questions and information fields according to their specific needs. Additionally, certain fields can be hidden to streamline the form, while others can be added as necessary. To improve user engagement, the update introduces the option to apply themes to forms, with future updates promising the inclusion of custom logos.

Once a form is finalized, distributing it is as simple as copying a link from the ‘Send Form’ section. This link can then be shared via email or messaging platforms with the intended recipients. Upon completion, the responses are directly sent to the user’s Lists app, ensuring a seamless integration of data for project management or other purposes. Importantly, respondents do not gain access to the user’s list, maintaining privacy and data integrity. Users also retain the ability to close the form to responses at any point, providing further control over the data collection process.

Back in July 2020, Microsoft Lists was introduced for Microsoft 365 Enterprise customers, providing an in-built  tool. Microsoft Lists emphasizes collaboration within its existing feature set. The application allows users to share and co-track information by inviting family, friends, and colleagues to participate in list creation and management. This fosters a communal approach to organization, facilitating shared projects and streamlined communication.

Furthermore, Microsoft Lists caters to a diverse user base by supporting multiple account sign-ins. Users can leverage both personal Microsoft accounts and organizational IDs for Microsoft 365.

Versatile Applications Across Various Domains

The updated forms feature in Microsoft Lists is designed to support a wide array of applications, from recruitment tracking and order management to customer issue intake and expense filing. For instance, an event organizer can now manage multiple forms within the same list, each designed to collect specific elements such as attendee information, feedback, and logistical details. This versatility underscores Microsoft’s commitment to providing tools that enhance productivity and streamline workflows for its 365 work and education users.

Microsoft has clarified that the new forms improvements in Microsoft Lists are distinct from the functionalities offered by standalone applications such as Microsoft Forms, Power Apps, or Power Automate. This delineation ensures that users can leverage the enhanced forms feature within Lists without the need for additional software, simplifying the data collection process further.

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