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Instagram’s Threads Experiment with Tinder-Like Features for Content Preference

Instagram's Threads tests swiping right to like posts and left to dislike them, giving users more control over their feed.


Instagram's Threads platform has initiated a test phase for a new feature that allows users to swipe right to like a post and swipe left to indicate disinterest. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, disclosed that this testing phase aims to provide users with enhanced control over their content preferences on Threads. The feature, which is currently available to a select group of testers, seeks to simplify the process of expressing content relevance to users' interests.

Enhanced Content Management Options

Beyond the swipe to like or dislike functionality, Threads offers several other mechanisms for users to manage the content they encounter. Users can like a post by tapping the heart icon located at the bottom of the post. For content deemed less relevant or uninteresting, users have the option to tap on the three-dot menu at the top-right corner of a post and select “Hide.” Additionally, “Mute” and “Unfollow” options are available for users wishing to limit visibility of content from specific users or creators. These features collectively contribute to a more tailored and enjoyable user experience on the Threads platform.

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Ongoing Development and Future Prospects

Threads is not only focusing on user interaction enhancements but also exploring a variety of other features aimed at improving user engagement and content accessibility. Among these, the ability to save a post by swiping down on the screen and the integration of a native camera button are under consideration.

Meta has unveiled a beta versionfor Threads now supports integration with the “Fediverse” through the ActivityPub protocol. The Fediverse is an ensemble of interconnected  which can communicate with each other. Integrating Threads with the Fediverse allows users over the age of 18 with public profiles in certain countries to share their Threads posts across various ActivityPub-compliant servers.

Furthermore, Threads has recently expanded its platform accessibility by launching a new app for Windows 10/11, which includes a bookmark feature for later post access. In alignment with Meta's policy, AI-generated images posted on Threads, as well as and , are required to bear a watermark. Looking ahead to the 2024 election year, Threads has announced it will refrain from “proactively recommending” political content to users, underscoring its commitment to a balanced and user-centric content strategy. While a specific release date for the swipe feature has not been disclosed, the ongoing tests and feature developments signal Threads' ambition to innovate and enhance user engagement on the platform.

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