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Microsoft and Nvidia Forge Deeper Ties to Accelerate Enterprise AI Solutions

Microsoft and Nvidia team up to boost AI for businesses. New virtual machines, Microsoft 365 upgrades, and industry-specific tools


and have announced an expansion of their collaboration, aimed at enhancing services for enterprise users. The announcement, made at Nvidia's GPU Technology Conference (GTC), outlines a plan for Microsoft to integrate Nvidia's generative AI and Omniverse technology into several of its platforms, including , Azure AI services, Microsoft Fabric, and .

Enhanced AI Services and Infrastructure

As part of this collaboration, Microsoft introduces the Azure NC H100 v5 VM, a virtual machine designed for mid-range and inference tasks. This VM is built on the Nvidia H100 NVL platform and is equipped with one or two Nvidia H100 94GB PCIe Tensor Core GPUs. It also features Nvidia Multi-Instance GPU technology, allowing for the partitioning of each GPU into seven instances to accommodate more workloads. This development represents a significant step forward in the scalability and efficiency of AI services offered on the Azure platform.

In the realm of productivity, the partnership promises to bring AI-driven enhancements to the Microsoft 365 suite. Specifically, for Microsoft 365 will leverage Nvidia GPUs and the Nvidia Triton Inference Server to deliver AI inference predictions, aiming to improve productivity and user experience across the suite's applications.

Broadening the Impact Across Industries

The collaboration extends beyond general AI enhancements, targeting specific industry needs, particularly in healthcare and life sciences. Organizations in these sectors stand to benefit from the combined capabilities of Microsoft Azure, Nvidia DGX Cloud, and Nvidia Clara. This integrated approach is designed to accelerate innovation in clinical research and improve the efficiency of care delivery, showcasing the potential of AI to transform critical areas of our lives.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emphasized the broad implications of this collaboration, stating it would drive “new benefits and productivity gains for people and organizations everywhere.” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang echoed this sentiment, highlighting the transformative power of AI in daily life and the potential unlocked through this partnership.

This expanded collaboration between Microsoft and Nvidia marks a significant milestone in the development and deployment of AI technologies across enterprise services. By leveraging each other's strengths, the two companies aim to provide comprehensive platforms and tools that enable customers to build advanced AI capabilities, from the hardware level with silicon innovations like the GB200 Grace Blackwell processor, to software solutions integrating DGX Cloud and Microsoft Fabric. This initiative promises to usher in a new era of AI-driven innovation and productivity for enterprises worldwide.

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Luke Jones
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