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GitHub Developer Unveils Tool for In-Place Windows Edition Upgrades

This unofficial tool by TheMMC lets you switch between Windows 10/11 editions (Home to Enterprise) within the installation process, avoiding clean installs.


A user known as TheMMC has developed an innovative batch file that simplifies the process of switching between different editions of and . Named “Helper-Tool für Windows 10/11 Inplace-Upgrades und Editionswechsel,” this utility allows for in-place upgrades, eliminating the need for a clean installation when changing Windows editions.

Functionality and Usage

The tool operates by being placed alongside the setup.exe file within the Windows installation media (ISO). It addresses common frustrations among users, such as the Windows setup automatically selecting an edition based on the key stored in the firmware, or realizing post-installation that the installed edition does not match the user's license. The developer emphasizes that this tool is not an activation mechanism but uses official pre-installation keys for operation. When executed, it prompts the user to select their desired Windows edition, offering choices from Windows Home to Windows Enterprise. The developer explains:

“Does it bother you when the Windows setup itself decides what it should do? You want to install Pro, but the setup automatically jumps to Home because the key is stored in the firmware? Have you installed Pro but only realize afterwards that you only have a license for Home but are too lazy to do a clean install?

This tool helps. To find out exactly how it works, just take a look at the batch. This is not an activation tool, only official pre-installation keys are used. Simply copy this batch to the setup.exe in the installation medium and start it.

If the appropriate version is not available on the installation medium, the setup is able to generate the appropriate image on the fly. Most likely this is the same function that DISM /Get-TargetEditions and DISM /Set-Edition use

This is the method with which, for example, https://uupdump.net/ can generate all other editions from the two Home and Pro editions (create_virtual_editions.cmdhttps://github.com/abbodi1406/BatUtil/tree/master/uup -converter-wimlib)”

Technical Insights and Availability

The batch file leverages the same functionality as DISM commands for generating target editions, a method also used by platforms like uupdump.net to create various Windows editions from base Home and Pro versions. The latest version of the tool, V0.41, introduces fixes for formatting issues, while previous updates have expanded support for Windows N and non-N editions, as well as LTSC 2021. The tool is available for download on its GitHub page, though it is recommended to use it cautiously and not on primary devices without backup due to its unofficial status.

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