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LinkedIn Introduces In-App Gaming Feature for Enhanced Networking

LinkedIn is adding puzzle games to boost engagement! Imagine companies ranked by employee game scores.


, the -owned professional networking platform, has unveiled plans to integrate gaming into its service. App researcher Nima Owji recently discovered evidence of this new development and shared that LinkedIn is experimenting with various games, where companies could be ranked based on their employees' performance in these games. A spokesperson from LinkedIn confirmed the initiative, stating the company is exploring the addition of puzzle-based games to create a fun, engaging environment that fosters deeper relationships and sparks conversations among users.

Details of the Gaming Initiative

The games under testing, including titles such as “Queens,” “Inference,” and “Crossclimb,” aim to offer a mix of entertainment and competitive spirit within the professional setting. While the exact names and types of games may evolve before their official release, the initiative marks a significant pivot towards gamification within the professional networking space. LinkedIn's move to integrate games into its platform also raises questions about potential collaborations with Microsoft's gaming division, although no specific details have been disclosed regarding such partnerships or the monetization strategies for these puzzle games.

Revenue and Future Prospects

LinkedIn's venture into gaming comes on the heels of the platform announcing significant revenue generation from its premium subscription plans, amounting to $1.7 billion in 2023. With subscription rates starting at $39.99 a month, the introduction of in-app games could potentially offer additional value to LinkedIn's premium services, enhancing user engagement and providing novel ways for professionals and companies to interact and compete on the platform. As LinkedIn continues to explore this new territory, the professional community awaits further details on how these games will be integrated into the networking experience and the impact they will have on professional interactions and company dynamics.

SourceNima Owji
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