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YouTube Unveils Enhanced Interactive TV App Interface with Side-by-Side Video and Comments

YouTube revamps its TV app for a more interactive experience. Viewers can now watch videos in a smaller window while reading comments


YouTube has announced the rollout of an updated user interface for its TV application, aiming to augment the interactivity of the platform while preserving the relaxed viewing experience associated with larger screens. The new design introduces a feature that allows viewers to watch videos in a minimized player while simultaneously reading comments, a significant shift from the previous design which overlaid comments and other user interface elements directly on the video. This development is part of YouTube’s broader strategy to make television viewing more engaging, responding to the platform’s observation that watch time on TVs has surpassed one billion hours per day.

Interactive Features and User Feedback

In its pursuit to refine the TV app’s user interface, YouTube engaged in extensive prototyping and gathered feedback from users. The consensus highlighted the importance of not obscuring the video content, leading to the innovative side-by-side layout. The upcoming update promises not only to enhance the accessibility of video descriptions and comments but also to introduce a plethora of new experiences. These include shopping for products featured in videos, viewing live scores for sports enthusiasts, and better utilization of features such as video chapters and key plays. YouTube’s commitment to evolving the TV viewing experience is evident in its plan to further expand interactive experiences with additions like multiview and fantasy view.

Navigating the New Interface

To access the updated interface, users can bring up the on-screen controls while a video is playing and click on the title or the Comments button. Initial tests on devices such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K have revealed that the Play/Pause button on the remote is functional only when the video player window is active, and full-screen mode enables the use of seek controls. This update signifies YouTube’s ongoing efforts to make content more engaging on the big screen, acknowledging the traditionally passive nature of TV viewing and seeking to transform it into an interactive experience.

The rollout of the new user interface is set to occur over the coming weeks, marking a significant step in YouTube’s strategy to enhance viewer engagement and offer a more dynamic and interactive viewing experience on television screens.

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