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Microsoft Advertising Console Unveils a New, Modern Interface

Microsoft revamped its Advertising Console with a modern interface for easier ad management. New features include streamlined menus and AI-powered "Copilot"


has unveiled a significant update to its Advertising Console, marking the first major redesign since 2020. The update introduces a more modern and user-friendly interface for the main hub of Microsoft Advertising, aimed at enhancing the overall user experience for advertisers. With the deployment of this new interface, Microsoft aims to streamline navigation and make advertising management more intuitive.

Key Features of the New Interface

The redesigned interface features two vertical menus on the left side, drawing inspiration from the Google Ads interface for a more familiar navigation experience for users. The secondary menu expands effortlessly upon hovering, eliminating the need for additional clicks and thereby speeding up the workflow. Furthermore, a new horizontal menu has been added, prominently featuring the Copilot AI, Microsoft Advertising's latest addition aimed at simplifying ad management through artificial intelligence. The introduction of “” represents Microsoft's commitment to incorporating cutting-edge technology to aid advertisers in creating more effective campaigns.

Gradual Rollout and User Adoption

Microsoft is implementing a phased approach to the rollout of the new Advertising Console interface, ensuring a smooth transition for users. As the interface becomes available to more advertisers, feedback will play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the platform further. Advertisers are encouraged to explore the new features and familiarize themselves with the updated layout to fully leverage the improvements in their advertising strategies.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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