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Midjourney Introduces Character Consistency in AI-Generated Images with New Feature

Midjourney's new "cref" tag lets users create consistent characters across images, a game-changer for AI art with applications in storytelling and design.


Midjourney has unveiled a significant update aimed at overcoming one of the major challenges faced by creators in generative AI imagery: maintaining character consistency across multiple images. The introduction of a new tag, “–cref”, marks a pivotal advance, enabling users to generate recurring characters with consistent appearances, addressing a longstanding hurdle in the field of AI-generated visual content.

Understanding the “–cref” Feature

The character reference (cref) function works by allowing users to generate characters that maintain facial features, body types, and clothing across various prompts. This is achieved by appending the “–cref” tag to the end of a text prompt along with a URL of a previously generated image of the character. This development enables the reproduction of characters in new scenes and settings, significantly benefiting narrative visual mediums such as films, novels, and comic books requiring consistent character appearances for story continuity.

Furthermore, to fine-tune the resemblance, users can adjust the weight of the consistency by adding a “–cw” tag followed by a number ranging from 1 to 100, governing how closely the new image adheres to the reference character’s attributes. A higher “cw” value results in greater fidelity to the original image, while a lower “cw” value introduces more variation, giving users control over the balance between consistency and creativity.

A Step Toward Professional Application

The character consistency feature by Midjourney is not solely an enhancement of their existing service but a leap towards transforming the platform from an innovative tool into a professional asset for creators and artists. While the technology promises a new era of creative possibilities, it is currently best utilized with characters generated within Midjourney’s ecosystem, as it may distort images sourced from real photographs or external platforms.

Midjourney’s initiative to introduce consistent character generation is already under experimentation by artists and creators, showing promising applications in storytelling, design, and beyond. As the feature continues to evolve, it is poised to revolutionize how creators approach visual content creation, making narrative continuity more achievable in the realm of generative AI imagery.

In summary, the release of the character reference feature by Midjourney marks a significant milestone in the progression of AI image generation technology, offering new opportunities for creativity and professional use in various fields requiring visual consistency.

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