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Microsoft Enhances Developer Experience with Visual Studio 17.10 Preview 2

Visual Studio 17.10 Preview 2 integrates GitHub Copilot for easier pull request reviews and code understanding.


has unveiled the second preview version of its Visual Studio 17.10 developer tools, boasting significant additions aimed at enhancing productivity and collaboration among developers. Among the key updates is the integration of functionalities, such as the ability to generate pull request descriptions and summarize commit changes.

Streamlining Development with GitHub Copilot Integration

Copilot, now further integrated into Visual Studio 17.10 Preview 2, facilitates a smoother development workflow. Developers can leverage the power of AI to generate draft descriptions for pull requests, outlining the changes made, thereby easing the review process for peers. Furthermore, an “Explain Commit” feature has been introduced, allowing for a detailed summary of individual commits, accessible through the Commit Details pane in the Git Repository window. Both features necessitate a GitHub Copilot subscription along with the installation of the GitHub Copilot Chat Extension for Visual Studio.

Enhancing Code Readability with New Text Formatting Options

Beyond GitHub Copilot enhancements, the update introduces improved text formatting capabilities within the environment. Developers now have the ability to apply italics, strikethrough, and underline options to their code text, aiming to improve readability and the conveyance of coding intentions more effectively.

Microsoft encourages developers to explore the comprehensive list of changes detailed in the change log available on its support site. The company is open to feedback and bug reports on this new release, underscoring its commitment to refining the Visual Studio 17.10 experience in line with user needs. With these updates, Microsoft continues to pave the way for more efficient and collaborative practices.

Luke Jones
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