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Meta Initiates Legal Action Against Ex-Vice President for Confidential Data Theft

Meta is suing Dipinder Singh Khurana, alleging the former executive stole documents relating to the company's datacenters.


Meta has filed a lawsuit against its former vice president of infrastructure, Dipinder Singh Khurana, for what it describes as “brazenly disloyal and dishonest conduct.” The corporation alleges that Khurana misappropriated a vast array of proprietary and confidential documents, including sensitive details about Meta’s data centers, supplier and vendor agreements, and artificial intelligence programs.

Allegations of Confidential Data Misuse

The lawsuit, lodged in a Northern California state court, asserts that Khurana engaged in the theft of thousands of documents containing crucial information about Meta’s internal operations. This purportedly includes data concerning Meta’s organizational restructuring, supply chain group, capacity planning, and various metrics related to business operations and sourcing expenses. Moreover, documents regarding employee information such as performance, potential promotion, and detailed compensation data were also allegedly taken. Meta contends that Khurana exploited this stolen data to both assist in the creation of a startup in stealth mode, concentrating on AI cloud computing services, and to recruit former Meta colleagues to join him.

Ongoing Concerns and Legal Claims

According to Meta, at least eight employees listed in an internal “Top Talent” spreadsheet, believed to be among the documents transferred by Khurana, have resigned from Meta to join his new venture between June and November 2023. This mass exit is linked by Meta to Khurana’s alleged dissemination and utilization of confidential company information. The lawsuit against Khurana includes allegations of breach of contract, breach of the duty of loyalty, breach of duty, unjust enrichment, and violations of California’s computer crime laws. Meta’s legal actions demand reparations for damages and the relinquishment of any profits Khurana gained through the purported misconduct. While Khurana and his legal representatives have yet to respond to the allegations in court, Meta has expressed its determination to rigorously defend its confidential business and employee information against what it perceives as grievous misconduct.

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