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Cognition Unveils Full-Fledged AI Software Engineer “Devin”

Cognition's new AI, Devin, is an autonomous software engineer that writes, debugs, and deploys code.


AI startup Cognition has unveiled its latest model, named Devin, a fully autonomous AI software engineer. Developed with support from influential backers including Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Elad Gil, a former executive at Twitter, and Tony Xu, co-founder of DoorDash, Devin presents a groundbreaking approach to coding. Unlike existing coding assistants that offer basic code writing or snippet suggestions, Cognition Devin can oversee a project from the initial coding phase to execution, addressing bugs and deploying updates autonomously.

Operational Insights into Devin

Devin’s operational methodology begins with interpreting user prompts, followed by formulating a detailed execution plan. Utilizing standard developer tools within a sandboxed setting, Devin’s operations mimic those of human coders, albeit at an accelerated pace. It autonomously writes code, troubleshoots, performs testing, and updates its progress in real-time. Devin’s capability to autonomously correct issues upon user intervention further underscores its potential as a self-sufficient project collaborator, freeing up human engineers to focus on more creative endeavors.

Scott Wu, CEO of Cognition and known for his achievements in sports coding, outlined Devin’s ability to operate within a secure computing environment, navigating through various developer tools. Devin is designed to understand natural language inputs and craft strategies to address coding challenges. It demonstrates proficiency in tasks ranging from app and website deployment to bug fixing and even managing complex operations such as the fine-tuning of large language models. In tests such as the SWE-bench, Devin has shown superior performance compared to other AI models like Claude 2, SWE-Llama-13b, and GPT-4 by autonomously resolving a significant number of coding issues.

A Leap Beyond Traditional Coding Aids

AI expert Wes Roth published an overview of Devin that highlights the potential of the new AI model. He suggests it could be the first commercially available artificial general intelligence (AGI). With the launch of Devin, Cognition is aiming to shift the paradigm in the AI-assisted coding industry. Devin advances the concept of developer tools like GitHub’s Copilot by providing not just assistance but complete project execution capabilities.

Through demonstrations, Cognition’s Scott Wu showcased how Devin approaches complex coding projects and data research tasks systematically. Devin’s design allows it to autonomously seek out learning resources online to understand and execute the tasks it’s assigned, including debugging encountered problems. This level of autonomy in an AI engineer suggests a new direction for the coding industry, where AI can independently handle complete projects.

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