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Microsoft Expands Copilot AI to Enhance Higher Education

Microsoft grants schools access to Copilot AI starting April 1st, offering students advanced AI features with their existing licenses.


Microsoft has unveiled its latest expansion of Copilot AI services, targeting higher education institutions and their students. The tech giant announced that the premium Copilot for Microsoft 365 AI service will now be accessible for higher education, starting April 1. This service is designed as a supplementary feature for schools, wherein students possess either a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 A3/A5 license, enriching their learning experience with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities.

Enhancements and Previews in Educational Tools

In conjunction with the expansion of Copilot, Microsoft has also introduced a private preview program for a version of Copilot equipped with commercial data protection aimed at younger students, specifically those under 18. This initiative, scheduled to start in spring 2024, demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to providing secure and tailored technology solutions across various age groups within the education sector.

Further innovations revealed include significant updates to Reading Progress and Microsoft Teams for Education, set to deploy later in March, at no extra cost. These updates will equip educators with AI-powered services to assist in creating educational content such as rubrics, assignment instructions, and personalized reading passages. Additionally, Mathematics education sees advancements through the introduction of Math Progress and Math Coach tools, both entering private previews soon. These tools intend to leverage AI to offer real-time problem-solving coaching and identify areas where students require further assistance.

Safety Enhancements and Resources for School Leaders

Not neglecting the importance of cybersecurity within educational settings, Microsoft announced an upcoming Microsoft Defender service for end-point security, tailored to safeguard students’ PCs. This service will be available at a discounted rate for Microsoft 365 A5 subscribers, underscoring the company’s dedication to creating a secure learning environment.

Moreover, Microsoft has released a free Microsoft Education AI Toolkit designed to aid school leaders in developing comprehensive AI-based strategies for student learning. This toolkit is part of Microsoft’s larger effort to enable education leaders to harness the potential of AI in fostering a conducive learning atmosphere.

By integrating these advanced AI tools and services into the educational domain, Microsoft aims to redefine the contours of teaching and learning, making them more engaging, personalized, and secure. Through this strategic expansion, Microsoft continues to underscore its commitment to enhancing educational outcomes and fostering a tech-savvy learning environment for the next generation.

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