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Meta Partners with LG for Next-Generation Mixed-Reality Technology

Meta and LG team up to create a high-end mixed-reality headset, aiming to compete with Apple's Vision Pro.


Meta and LG Electronics have reconfirmed a strategic partnership to develop a high-end mixed-reality (MR) headset, positioned to compete against Apple's Vision Pro device. The collaboration aims to leverage LG's prowess in hardware development and Meta's expertise in mixed reality and artificial intelligence (AI) to introduce an innovative product in the MR headset market.

Combining Strengths for Innovation

The decision to collaborate marks a significant move for both corporations. LG is providing its substantial hardware manufacturing capabilities, potentially offering advances beyond what Meta currently achieves with its Meta Quest products. Furthermore, the adaptation of LG's webOS, initially designed for its smart TVs, is under consideration for integration into the new MR device. This partnership signifies Meta's intent to fuse LG's hardware innovations with its expansive experience in virtual and mixed reality services, alongside its advancements in AI technology.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, has openly criticized 's Vision Pro, positioning the forthcoming Meta Quest 3 as a superior MR experience at a fraction of the cost. Through this collaboration with LG, Meta intends to further its ambition of leading the MR headset market by focusing on combining advanced hardware with immersive mixed reality and AI services.

Anticipated Market Impact

The new LG-Meta MR headset is reportedly set for release by early 2025, potentially preceding the next iteration of Apple's Vision Pro. This timeline suggests that the market for high-end MR headsets will become increasingly competitive, with significant developments anticipated over the next two years. Additionally, this sector sees another major development with Samsung's announcement of its high-end MR headset, created in cooperation with and Qualcomm, introducing yet another layer of competition.

In summary, the partnership between Meta and LG underscores a significant shift in the mixed-reality landscape, with leading technology firms vying for dominance in this burgeoning market. The collaboration aims not only to produce a device that rivals current frontrunners like Apple's Vision Pro but also to set new standards in the integration of mixed reality and artificial intelligence within consumer technology.

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