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Reddit Secures a $60 Million AI Training Content Deal with Google

Google pays Reddit $60 million to train AI with its vast user data. Reddit seeks new revenue, Google boosts AI with diverse content.


Reddit has entered into a contract with Google, allowing the tech giant to use Reddit’s voluminous content for the purpose of training Google’s artificial intelligence algorithms. This partnership signifies a major business move for Reddit, which is in the process of launching its first stock market offering. The annual contract is reportedly valued at around $60 million. Both companies, at this stage, have opted not to publicly comment on the arrangement.

Background and Implications

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., is strategically positioning itself to enhance its AI capabilities through diverse datasets. This deal with Reddit marks Google’s first significant content licensing agreement specifically aimed at AI model training. Reddit, on its end, is seeking innovative revenue avenues, as it faces stiff competition for advertising dollars from major social platforms like TikTok and Facebook. The timing is crucial as Reddit is on the verge of a public offering, intending to sell approximately 10% of its shares. This move could significantly impact its valuation, previously pegged at about $10 billion during a 2021 funding round.

The Bigger Picture for AI and Content Licensing

The practice of licensing content for AI training purposes has become increasingly important as AI technology companies strive to diversify their training datasets. This is partly in response to growing copyright concerns from content creators, who argue their work has been utilized without proper authorization. With Reddit’s extensive and varied user-generated content, Google’s AI models can expect to gain insights from a wide range of human experiences and opinions, enriching the AI’s learning process.

This partnership underlines the evolving landscape of AI development, where access to large, diverse datasets is crucial for the creation of sophisticated, context-aware AI systems. As Reddit advances towards its stock market debut, the deal showcases the platform’s strategy to leverage its unique position in the social media ecosystem for long-term financial and strategic benefits.

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