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Skype Integrates Snap-Powered AR Lenses in Latest Update

Skype's update brings 25+ AR lenses to your calls and avatars! Add some fun & personality with "Glossy Smile" and more on Android & iOS (beta).


has launched an important update, version, enhancing the user experience by incorporating augmented reality (AR) lenses powered by Snap. This update, targeting and iOS platforms, brings a collection of over 25 innovative AR lenses to the Skype camera, enabling users to animate their video messages and avatars in new, expressive ways. Announced via Skype Insider on X, this upgrade aims to add a layer of fun and interactivity to digital communication.

Enhanced Features for Expressive Communication

The array of AR lenses includes diverse styles such as ‘Glossy Smile' and ‘Mad Scientist', allowing users to select the lens that best suits their mood or message during a conversation. By tapping the smiley icon, users gain easy access to this new feature, which extends to not just video messages but avatars as well, providing a unique avenue for personal expression. The process is user-friendly; initiating an AR transformation is as simple as holding down the record button, enhancing the way friends and family interact with each other.

Availability and User Access

This new feature set is exclusively available on the Skype mobile platform, for both Android and iOS users. Android users can readily download the updated app directly from the Skype official website. However, access to the iOS version is currently limited to those who have received an invitation from as part of the beta testing program. The integration of Snap's AR technology into Skype's service highlights a commitment to enhancing user engagement through creative and interactive elements, promoting a deeper connection within the digital communication space.

As Skype continues to evolve, these updates solidify its place in the competitive landscape of instant messaging and video calling platforms. Users are encouraged to experiment with these new features and share their experiences, further driving community engagement and feedback for future enhancements. Just last week, Microsoft rolled out version 8.113 of Skype Preview.Β 

This latest version introduces a significant feature: the transcription of voice messages into text. This functionality allows users to convert voice messages into written form by simply tapping a designated button, making the platform more accessible and convenient. Microsoft aims to support users who may prefer or need to read messages rather than listen to them, including those who use assistive technologies.Β 

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