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How to Appear Offline on Discord

We show you how to change your status on Discord to offline while remaining active and engaged in your favorite servers or direct messages.


, the vibrant community platform that's taken gamers and professionals alike by storm, is designed to keep us connected. But there may be times when we want to step back without stepping away entirely. This is where the art of appearing offline comes into play.

Whether you're deep-diving into focused work, taking a breather, or simply navigating the social labyrinth without broadcasting your every move, Discord's invisible status option is your ally. We'll guide you through the steps to achieve this, ensuring that your transition to invisibility is smooth and undetected. Before we delve into the specifics, let's explore what “invisible” truly means on Discord, dispel some common misconceptions, and outline why you might want to employ this feature.

What Does Invisible Mean on Discord?

On Discord, setting your status to invisible is a feature that allows you to remain active and engaged in your favorite servers or direct messages while presenting the illusion of being offline. This “stealth mode” can be particularly handy for a variety of reasons – from wanting to avoid distractions to simply needing some downtime without cutting off your access to the platform.

Invisibility on Discord is an intentional state, a signal you send to friends and communities that reads as “offline.” However, unlike actually logging out, you retain full functionality of the platform. You can browse channels, send messages, and continue to be part of the action without drawing attention. It's a status that says, “I'm here, but I'm in the shadows,” providing you the discretion to interact on your own terms.

How to Appear Offline on Discord for Desktop

Whether you're on a Windows PC, a Mac, or running a Linux distribution, Discord's desktop application offers a straightforward way to switch your online status to invisible. This section of the tutorial will provide you the steps to adjust your visibility on the desktop version of Discord.

  1. Access User Settings
    Look towards the bottom-left corner of the Discord window. You'll see your user profile icon, username, and current status indicator. Directly to the right of your username, there is a small gear icon – this is the “User Settings” button. Click on this gear icon to enter your account settings.
    Windows 11 - Discord - Profile Icon
  2. Change Your Status
    You'll see your Discord status and an icon that can look like a green checkmark (online), a yellow moon (idle), a red stop sign (do not disturb), or a grey icon (invisible). Click on the status to show the options.
    Windows 11 - Discord - Profile Icon - Status
  3. Select “Invisible”
    In the Discord status options menu, you'll see “Online”, “Idle”, “Do Not Disturb” and “Invisible”. Click on “Invisible”. This will change your status without logging you out. 
    Windows 11 - Discord - Profile Icon - Status - Invisible
  4. Your status indicator will turn grey, signifying that you appear offline to others
    Windows 11 - Discord - Profile Icon - Status - Invisible - Result

How to Appear Offline on Discord for Mobile

Our smartphones keep us connected on the go, and Discord's mobile app ensures you're never more than a tap away from your communities. But there are times when you need to minimize interruptions without missing out, even when you're mobile. In this part of the tutorial, we'll demonstrate how to appear offline on Discord using the iOS or Android app.

  1. Open the Discord menu
    Tap the Discord menu button on the top left.
    Android - Discord App - Menu
  2. Access Discord user status
    Tap the “User Profile” button to access your user settings.
    Android - Discord App - Menu - Profile Icon
  3. Select Your Status
    After entering your profile, you should see your current status near the top of the menu. It could display “Online”, “Idle”, “Do Not Disturb”, or “Invisible”, depending on what you've previously set. Tap on your status.
    Android - Discord App - Menu - Profile Icon - Set Status
  4. Choose “Invisible” as your Discord status
    A menu will pop up from the bottom of the screen with various status options. Tap on “Invisible”. This will immediately update your status to appear offline to others, while still allowing you to navigate and use the app as normal.
    Android - Discord App - Menu - Profile Icon - Set Status - Invisible
  5. Your status indicator will turn grey, signifying that you appear offline to others
    Android - Discord App - Menu - Profile Icon - Set Status - Invisible - Result

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Appearing Offline on Discord

Can I customize what specific users see when I'm set to invisible?

Discord's current functionality does not allow for custom visibility settings on a user-by-user basis. When you set your status to invisible, it is applied universally across all servers and direct messages. This means all users, regardless of your personal or server relationship, will see you as offline. For more nuanced control of your online presence, consider using server-specific mute or notification settings to manage interruptions without going invisible.

If I send a message while invisible, will it show that I'm online?

Sending messages while you are set to invisible will not alter your visible status to others; you will continue to appear offline. Your activity, such as typing or sending messages, is not broadcasted with your online status, preserving your invisible appearance across the platform. However, be mindful that direct interactions might imply your presence to attentive users.

Do I still appear in the member list of a server when I'm invisible?

Yes, when you are invisible, your name will still appear in the member lists of servers you are part of, but with an offline status indicator. This means that while you can browse and interact with server content discreetly, others can still see your profile in the list but will assume you are not currently active on Discord.

Will my last online time update when I'm invisible and active?

Your “Last Online” timestamp will not update while you are set to invisible. This feature helps maintain the illusion of being offline, as engaging with Discord during this time won't reflect in any visible activity indicators or time stamps associated with your profile, further supporting your need for discretion.

How does being invisible affect my ability to moderate a server?

Your ability to moderate a server remains unaffected when you choose to appear invisible. All moderation tools and functionalities are still at your disposal, allowing you to manage the server, respond to incidents, and interact with moderation logs without revealing your online status. This can be particularly useful for performing moderation activities discreetly.

Is there a way to quickly toggle between invisible and online status?

Discord requires you to manually change your status through the user settings each time you wish to switch between invisible and online. Although there's no instant toggle feature, accessing the status change option is relatively quick: simply click on your profile picture at the bottom left of the Discord interface and select your desired status from the pop-up menu.

Can I set automatic replies or messages when I'm set to invisible?

Discord itself does not support automatic replies based on your user status. For automated messaging or responses, you would need to utilize a bot designed for Discord. These bots can be programmed for various functionalities, including sending automatic replies under certain conditions, but require setup and permissions within the server or direct message context.

How does the invisible status interact with custom statuses?

When you set a custom status and then switch to invisible, your custom status message will be hidden along with your online presence. The custom status will reappear alongside your online status once you switch back from being invisible. This ensures that your intent to appear offline is fully respected, without any personal status messages hinting at your activity.

If I'm invisible, can I see when others are typing?

Yes, even while your status is set to invisible, you will still see typing indicators when others are composing messages in real-time. This allows you to stay informed about active conversations and engage when you choose to, without affecting your own visibility status.

Does Discord notify my friends or servers when I change my status to invisible?

Discord does not send out notifications to your friends or server members when you change your status. This change is quietly reflected in your profile icon's status indicator across the platform, ensuring a seamless transition that does not draw attention to your online activity preferences.

Can I still participate in server events like polls or games while invisible?

Participating in server events such as polls or games is entirely possible while you are invisible. Your interactions with these features do not reveal your online status, allowing you to engage with community activities while maintaining your privacy.

Will changing to invisible while in a voice channel show me as disconnected?

Changing your status to invisible while in a voice channel does not remove you from the channel or show you as disconnected. You will remain connected to the voice channel, and others will see you as part of the channel but will perceive your overall Discord status as offline.

Is it possible to be automatically set to invisible when Discord starts?

Discord does not currently support setting your status to invisible automatically upon startup. Each time you open Discord, you will need to manually set your status to invisible if you wish to hide your online presence.

How can I verify if I successfully appear offline to others?

To ensure that you successfully appear offline, you could ask a trusted friend to confirm your status or use a secondary account to check how your primary account appears. This can provide peace of mind that your invisible status is correctly displayed to others on Discord.

If I interact with Discord integrations or bots while invisible, will there be any visible activity?

Interactions with bots or integrations while invisible might trigger actions or messages within servers or direct messages, which could indicate activity to observant users. Although these interactions don't change your status, they may reveal your presence indirectly, depending on the nature of the bot or integration's response or action triggered by your interaction.

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