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Microsoft Loop Enhances User Experience with Figma Integration

Figma URLs now embed in Microsoft Loop, streamlining design collaboration within projects.


Microsoft Loop, a comprehensive workspace for project organization, has integrated Figma URLs into its platform, allowing for a streamlined workflow between the two applications. Users of both Microsoft Loop and Figma, a web-based collaboration tool launched in 2016, can now work together with greater ease. Microsoft Loop became generally available in November 2023, aiming to centralize project management in a single workspace.

Simplifying Design and Project Management

The integration means users no longer need to alternate between the two applications when working on projects. They can simply copy a Figma file URL and paste it directly into their Microsoft Loop project. This capability allows Loop users to zoom in and out of the Figma designs directly within their Loop page, or view the designs in full-screen mode for more detailed work. It’s important to note, however, that this feature is currently available only in the main Microsoft Loop app, not yet in its mobile counterparts on iOS and Android.

Corporate Dynamics and Future Collaborations

In a related development, Figma, which had been in discussions for acquisition by Adobe for $20 billion, announced in December 2023 that the deal would not proceed. This decision came after regulatory hurdles from UK and EU authorities over anti-competitive concerns. As a result, Figma received a $1 billion reverse breakup fee from Adobe. This outcome leaves Figma to continue its operations independently, potentially leading to further innovations in collaboration and design tools in the future.

The integration of Figma into Microsoft Loop opens new possibilities for enhanced productivity and collaboration across different platforms. By bringing together the strengths of both tools, Microsoft and Figma are paving the way for more seamless project management and design workflow, facilitating a more interconnected and efficient environment for users worldwide.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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