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Microsoft Edge Releases Patch for Data Import Glitch Amidst Unauthorized Data Copying Concerns

Microsoft Edge update (121.0.2277.128) fixes data import issues but avoids unauthorized data access concerns.


has launched an update for its Edge browser, version 121.0.2277.128, now available in the Stable Channel. The update aims to correct faults within its data import feature, a mechanism designed to seamlessly transfer user data such as open tabs, favorites, and other information from browsers like Chrome and Firefox to Edge, following user authorization.

Concerns Over Unauthorized Data Access

The rollout of the latest Edge update coincides with allegations against the browser for improperly procuring data from competing browsers without user consent. Reports have emerged, suggesting that Edge has been accessing and using data from other browsers, including open tabs and bookmarks, and autonomously launching with this information. Despite significant media attention, Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge these accusations or confirm if the recent update addresses these specific concerns about unauthorized data extraction.

Automatic Updates and Performance Enhancements

features automatic background updates, ensuring users operate the latest version without manual intervention. For users interested in manual updates, they can navigate to the Edge menu under Help and Feedback > About Microsoft Edge or by visiting edge://settings/help.

In addition to addressing the data import issue, Microsoft has also announced performance updates specifically for Silicon Mac users. These under-the-hood adjustments are touted to enhance performance by up to 20% in various browser benchmarks. This enhancement marks a significant step forward in optimizing Edge for the latest hardware technologies, offering a more efficient browsing experience for users on macOS.

The release of version 121.0.2277.128 of Microsoft Edge signifies the company's ongoing efforts to refine its browser's capabilities and address user concerns. As these updates and improvements unfold, the technology community awaits further communication from Microsoft regarding the measures taken to ensure user data integrity and privacy.

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