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Microsoft 365 Announces End of Life for Publisher by 2026

Microsoft says goodbye to Publisher in 2026, focusing on modernizing its software suite.


has officially declared its intent to discontinue Microsoft Publisher, a staple software for designing various print materials like brochures, flyers, and newsletters. With a planned end of life in October 2026, the company aims to remove Publisher from the subscription suite. The decision, outlined on the Microsoft Support website, is part of the company's effort to “focus on new benefits” and meet customer needs with updated tools.

Implications for Users and Alternatives Offered

Publisher, which has served as a key tool for many professionals in creating branded marketing and office materials, will see its functionality being absorbed by other Microsoft 365 applications. Microsoft highlights that most of Publisher's features related to designing templates, envelopes, and labels are already accessible through Word and PowerPoint. The company has expressed commitment to exploring and enhancing these applications to accommodate typical Publisher use cases, suggesting a seamless transition for current users.

What the Future Holds for Publisher Users

Customers currently utilizing Publisher can continue to do so until the specified end of support in October 2026. After this point, Microsoft will not only cease support for Publisher but will also remove it from active Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Enterprise users, particularly those on Office 2021 LTSC, will also witness the end of support for Publisher as part of this broader transition. Microsoft has made it clear that this advanced notice gives users ample time to plan their migration to alternative solutions, whether within the Microsoft ecosystem or through third-party offerings.

In revealing this decision, Microsoft underscores its commitment to evolving its software suite to better align with user needs and modern productivity demands. While the move away from Publisher marks the end of an era for many dedicated users, it signifies Microsoft's broader strategy to streamline its offerings and enhance user experience across its productivity tools.

Luke Jones
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