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How to Find Discord Servers to Join


is a popular platform for online communication, especially for gamers and communities. It allows users to create and join servers, which are like chat rooms dedicated to specific topics or interests. But how do you find Discord servers that suit your preferences? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out and step-by-step instructions for each method to find Discord servers.

Finding Discord servers can be a fun and rewarding experience, as you can discover new communities and make new friends online. However, you should also be careful and respectful when joining or interacting with servers, as each server has its own rules and culture. You should always read the server's description, rules, and guidelines before joining, and follow them accordingly. You should also avoid spamming, trolling, harassing, or offending other users or staff members. If you encounter any problems or issues with a server, you can report them to the server owner or moderators, or leave the server if necessary.

How to Find Discord Servers with Discord Server Search

One of the easiest ways to find Discord servers is to use the built-in server discovery feature called Discord Server Search. This feature lets you browse through different categories of servers, such as gaming, music, education, anime, etc. You can also search for servers by name or keyword, or filter them by language, region, or tags.

  1.  To access the server discovery feature, click on the magnifying glass icon on the left sidebar of the Discord app or website.
    Windows 11 - Discord - Explore Public Servers Icon
  2. “Featured communities” highlights very popular Discord servers which is a good starting point
    Windows 11 - Discord - Explore Public Servers Icon - Server
  3. The “Discover” sidebar allows you to find Discord servers by various categories
    Windows 11 - Discord - Explore Public Servers Icon - Discover
  4. You can use the search bar to find a Discord server by keyword
    This works globally when you select “Home” in the sidebar or within a certain category.
    Windows 11 - Discord - Explore Public Servers Icon - Search
  5. The keyword search will show a list of Discord servers which can be filtered by subcategory and language
    Windows 11 - Discord - Explore Public Servers Icon - Search - Result

  6. To become a member of a Discord server click the “Join” button on the details page of a Discord community
    Windows 11 - Discord - Explore Public Servers Icon - Server - Join

External Websites or Apps That List and Rank Discord Servers

If you are looking for a Discord server to join, you might be overwhelmed by the number of options available. Thousands of servers exist for different topics, games, communities, and interests. How do you find the best one for you?
One way to discover new servers is to use external websites or apps that list and rank Discord servers. These are third-party platforms that allow server owners to promote their servers and users to browse and join them. Below we show you how to use the three most popular ones – Disboard, Discord.me and Discords.com. Another external Discord server search you might want to check out is Top.gg.

Finding Discord Servers on Android/iOS/PC with Disboard

Disboard is a website that lets you search for servers by keywords, categories, tags, or languages. You can also sort the results by relevance, popularity, member count, or online status. Disboard also has a feature called bumping, which allows server owners to boost their server's visibility on the website every few hours. Here is how it works.

  1. Go to disboard.org
    Android - Disboard.com

  2. To browse the Discord server directory, tap on the three dots on top and then on “Servers”
    Android - Disboard.com - Discord Icon - 3Dots - Servers
  3. There is a sorted list of filters by topic and categories you can go through step-by-step
    Android - Disboard.com - Discord Icon - 3Dots - Servers - Categories
  4. Disboard has also a keyword search which you can access from the homepage or via the search button on top
    Android - Disboard.com - Discord Icon - 3Dots - Servers - Search Icon
  5. Just type any keyword that might be related to your topic of interest
    Android - Disboard.com - Discord Icon - 3Dots - Servers - Search Icon - Search
  6. Disboard shows summary cards for each Discord community

    Tap “JOIN THIS SERVER” to enter the discord server.
    Android - Disboard.com - Discord Icon - 3Dots - Servers - Search Icon - Search - Join
  7. This will open Discord an show an invite which you can tap to join
    Android - Disboard.com - Discord Icon - 3Dots - Servers - Search Icon - Search - Join - Accept

Finding Discord Servers on Android/iOS/PC with Discords.com

Discords.com helps users find the best servers for them, based on criteria such as popularity, activity, moderation, and quality. Users can also rate and review the servers they have joined, and share their feedback with other users.

  1. Navigate to doscords.com
    Android - Discords.com
  2. This Discord server directory shows a list of tags front and center where you can browse the Discord communities by topic
    Android - Discords.com - Categories
  3. There is also a keyword search you can use independently
    Android - Discords.com - Categories - Search
  4. After selecting a Discord server you can join from there directly
    Android - Discords.com - Categories - Search - Join

  5. This will open Discord and show an invite that you can tap to join the Discord server
    Android - Discords.com - Categories - Search - Join - Accept

Finding Discord Servers on Android/iOS/PC with Discord.me

Discord.me is another website that helps you find servers based on your interests. You can explore servers by categories, such as gaming, anime, music, or education. You can also see the server's description, banner, invite link, and online members. Discord.me also has a premium service that offers more benefits for server owners and users.

  1. Navigate to discord.me
    Android - Discord.me
  2. You can browse through different categories you might find interesting
    Android - Discord.me - Categories
  3. On the bottom of the page you will find some useful filters
    Android - Discord.me - Top Servers
  4. Via the keyword search you can find Discord servers as well
    Android - Discord.me - Search
  5. On the details card you can tap “Join Now”
    Android - Discord.me - Search - Join

  6. This will open Discord and show an invite which you can tap to join
    Android - Discord.me - Search - Join - Accept

Social Media Platforms or Forums Where You Can Find Discord Servers

Another way to find discord servers that suit your preferences is to browse subreddits and groups that are related to your interests. Subreddits are sections of the website Reddit, where users can post and comment on various topics. Facebook groups are similar, but they are hosted on the platform Facebook. Both subreddits and Facebook groups can have links to discord servers in their descriptions, rules, or pinned posts.

Some examples of great places that can help you find discord servers are:

  • r/discordservers: This subreddit is dedicated to sharing and promoting discord servers of all kinds. You can search by keywords, categories, or tags, or browse the latest or most popular posts. You can also request a server invite or advertise your own server.
  • r/discordapp: This subreddit is the official community for discord users. You can find news, updates, tips, tricks, and support for the app. You can also ask questions, give feedback, or join discussions about discord features and issues.
  • Facebook groups are another option for finding and joining discord servers. You can browse groups by categories, such as gaming, anime, music, art, etc., or use the search function to find specific topics. You can also post your own invites or requests, or join the group chat to interact with other members.

How to Make a Discord Server

One of the features that makes Discord stand out is the ability to create and join Discord servers, which are essentially groups of channels where people can chat, voice call, stream, and share media. In our other guide, we will explain what Discord servers are, how to create and join Discord servers, and some tips for managing and moderating them.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Servers

Can I join private Discord servers without a direct invitation?

Joining a private Discord server typically requires an invitation link, shared by the server's existing members or administrators. In some cases, private servers may share links on websites or social media after an application process to ensure new members meet specific criteria.

How do I manage notifications for multiple Discord servers to avoid overload?

Customize notification settings for each server by right-clicking the server icon and selecting “Notification Settings”. Consider enabling “Server Mute” for less important servers and using “Do Not Disturb” mode when focusing.

Is it possible to preview a Discord server before joining?

Server previews depend on the server's settings. Some may have a “welcome” channel visible to non-members. Others might use third-party sites to offer a glimpse of their community.

What are the best practices for interacting in a new Discord server?

Read the server's rules and guidelines first. Engage by introducing yourself in the appropriate channel, participating in discussions, and being respectful. Avoid spamming or oversharing personal information.

How can I find Discord servers that are active at my usual online times?

Look for servers with members in similar time zones or global servers. Participate in server events to gauge activity times. Some servers list their active hours in their descriptions.

Are there age restrictions for joining Discord servers?

Discord requires users to be at least 13 years old. Some servers may have their own higher age limits, such as 18+ or 21+, especially for mature topics.

How do I report a server that violates Discord's Community Guidelines?

To report a server, click the server name, select “Server Settings”, then “Report Server”. Provide a reason and evidence for your report to Discord's Trust & Safety team.

Can I search for servers by specific games or software within Discord?

Use Discord's search function to find servers by typing specific games or software keywords. Official servers by developers can often be found through their websites or social media.

What should I do if I don't find servers that match my interests?

If you can't find a suitable server, consider broadening your search terms or starting your own Discord server around your interest. Promote your server on related forums, social media, and websites to attract members.

How do external Discord server directories ensure the quality of listed servers?

External directories often have guidelines and review systems, where users can rate servers. Moderation teams review listings for compliance, but always exercise caution and use your judgment when joining new servers.

What's the difference between ‘bumping' a server on Disboard and regular promotions?

‘Bumping' on Disboard temporarily increases a server's visibility, while regular promotions may involve paid features for sustained visibility. ‘Bumping' is free and can be done at regular intervals.

How can I find Discord servers with active voice chat communities?

Look for servers that emphasize voice chatting, participate in voice chat events, or have dedicated channels. Some servers may indicate peak voice chat times in their descriptions.

Is it necessary to download the Discord app to join servers, or can I use the web version?

You can join and participate in servers using both the Discord app and the web version. The app provides a more feature-rich experience, especially for voice and video chats.

Can I be a member of multiple Discord servers at the same time?

Discord allows you to be a member of up to 100 servers simultaneously. You can easily switch between servers and participate in different communities.

How can I leave feedback or suggestions for a Discord server I've joined?

Look for a feedback channel within the server, or message the moderators or server owner directly. Keep your feedback constructive and respectful to foster positive communication.

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