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How to Change Your Name or Nickname on Discord

We show you how to change a nickname on Discord and how to change your name on Discord globally for all servers.


If you are new to Discord, you might be wondering what the difference is between a Discord user name and a Discord nickname. In this blog post, we will explain the main features and functions of both, and how you can customize them to suit your preferences.

The Discord User Name

A user name is the name that you choose when you create your Discord account. A user name consists of two parts: a name and a tag. The name can be up to 32 characters long and can include letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. The tag is a four-digit number that Discord randomly assigns you. It helps to identify you among other users who might have the same name. For example, your user name could be something like AwesomeUser#1234. If you change your Discord username, this will affect all servers you are subscribed to.

Discord Nicknames

A nickname is the name that you can set for yourself on a specific server. It is not unique and can be changed at any time. A nickname can also be up to 32 characters long and can include letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces. However, a nickname does not have a tag attached to it. For example, your nickname on a server could be something like CoolDude.

The main difference between a user name and a nickname is that the Discord user name is global and permanent, while a Discord nickname is local on the server level and temporary. The user name is how you are recognized by Discord and other users across all servers and platforms. A nickname is how you are recognized by other users on a specific server only. You can have different nicknames on different servers, or no nickname at all.

To change your Discord nickname, you need to have permission from the server owner or an administrator. Below we show you both how to change your name on Discord (user name) and how to change nicknames on Discord.

Cool Discord Names

If you are looking for good discord names, you might want to consider the following tips:
  • Use a Discord name generator. There are many online tools that can help you create unique and catchy names based on your preferences, such as your hobbies, interests, personality traits, etc. Some good ones are Discord Name Generator, Discord Name Generator with Stylish Symbols , and Discord Name Generator powered by AI.
  • Use symbols and emojis. You can spice up your name by adding some symbols and emojis that reflect your style, mood, or theme. For example, you can use stars, hearts, skulls, fire, etc. to make your name stand out. However, be careful not to overdo it or use symbols that are hard to read or type.
  • Use capitalization and punctuation. You can also use capitalization and punctuation to create some cool effects for your name. For example, you can use all caps, alternating caps, or lowercase letters to emphasize your name. You can also use periods, dashes, underscores, or spaces to separate words or syllables.
  • Use wordplay and rhymes. Another way to make cool usernames for Discord (or nicknames) is to use wordplay and rhymes. You can use puns, jokes, references, or slang words to make your name funny or clever. You can also use rhymes or alliterations to make your name catchy or memorable.
  • Use a theme or a niche. Finally, you can use a theme or a niche to make your name cool and relevant. You can choose a theme or a niche that suits your personality, interests, hobbies, or fandoms. For example, you can use a name related to gaming, anime, music, movies, etc.

Here are some examples of cool discord names based on these tips:

💩 FuzzyWuzzy 💩(name generator + emoji)
xX_Dark_Lord_Xx (name generator + capitalization + punctuation)
MrDanGFanG (❁´◡`❁) (name generator + ascii art)
PunnyBunny 🐉🐉 (wordplay + emoji)
RhymeTime (rhyme + emoji)
GamerGurl (theme + emoji)


How to Change Your Nickname on Discord Servers

To change your discord nickname, you need to have the following prerequisites:
  • You must be a member of a server that allows you to change your nickname. Some servers may have this option disabled or restricted to certain roles.
  • You must have the permission to change your nickname on the server. You can check your permissions by right-clicking on the server icon and selecting “Server Settings”. You might want to ask the Discord server admin to allow you to change your Discord nickname if this is not enabled for you.
  1. Select on the server you want to change the Discord nickname on and tap on your current Discord nickname
    Windows 11 - Discord - Server - User
  2. Tap the pen button on your Discord profile card and then “Edit Server Profile”
    Windows 11 - Discord - Server - User - Edit - Edit Server Profile
  3. Change your Discord nickname and click “Save Changes”
    Alternatively to this manual method, if you prefer a faster way and don’t mind it being more visible to others, you can use the slash command “/nick” and then type in the new Discord nickname you want in the chat for that server to change it quickly.
    Windows 11 - Discord - Server - User - Edit - Edit Server Profile - New Nickname - Save

How to Change Your Discord Name (User Name)

If you change your Discord username, this will affect all servers you are subscribed to. If you want to just change the Discord nickname on a particular server, please use the other method.

  1. Select a server and tap on the settings wheel next to your current Discord name/nickname
    Windows 11 - Discord - Server - Settings
  2. In “My Account” tap “Edit” next to your Discord username
    Windows 11 - Discord - Server - Settings - Edit Username
  3. Enter a new Discord username and click “Done” to save it
    Windows 11 - Discord - Server - Settings - Edit Username - Done

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions About Discord Usernames

What should I do if I forget my Discord username?

If you’ve forgotten your Discord username, start by checking the bottom left corner of the Discord application or website, where your profile picture and current username are displayed. If you’re logged out and unable to access Discord, search your email inbox for any past communications from Discord, as these emails often include your username. Additionally, consider reaching out to friends you’ve connected with on Discord; they might be able to provide you with your username by checking their friends list or past direct messages.

Can I use special characters in my Discord username or nickname?

Discord allows a wide range of special characters and emojis in usernames and nicknames, adding a personal touch to your online identity. However, it prohibits certain characters like ‘@’, ‘#’, ‘:’, and ‘“`’, as these serve specific functions within the platform. When crafting your username or nickname, experiment with different symbols and emojis to create a unique and expressive identity, but ensure readability and adherence to Discord’s guidelines to avoid confusion or misuse.

How can I make my Discord username or nickname invisible or blank?

Creating a truly invisible or blank username on Discord is not possible due to the platform’s requirement for a visible identifier for each user. For nicknames, some users utilize special characters, such as invisible Unicode characters, to appear “blank”. However, this practice might violate certain server rules and can be considered disruptive by some community members. It’s important to respect server guidelines and consider the potential impact on your interactions with other users.

Is it possible to reserve a username on Discord if I’m planning to change it in the future?

Discord does not offer a feature to reserve usernames. Once you change your username or delete your account, the username becomes available for other users to claim. If you’re attached to a particular username but wish to change it temporarily, consider changing it back before it’s taken by someone else. Be mindful of Discord’s username change limit, which allows changes only twice per hour.

Can I change my username on Discord without affecting my current friendships or server memberships?

Changing your Discord username will not impact your existing friendships, server memberships, or direct message histories. Your friends and fellow server members will simply see your new username in place of the old one. Your user ID, which uniquely identifies your account on Discord, remains unchanged, ensuring continuity in your Discord relationships and interactions.

How can I find a user on Discord if I only know their nickname and not their username?

Finding a user by their nickname alone can be challenging, especially if you’re not in a shared server. If you are in the same server, you can search for their nickname in the server’s member list or use the search feature to find messages they’ve sent and click on their profile. If you’re not in a shared server, you might need to ask mutual contacts for their username or invite them to a server where you both have membership.

What are the implications of frequently changing my Discord username?

While Discord allows you to change your username, frequent changes can lead to confusion among your friends and server communities, as they may not recognize you immediately after each change. Additionally, constant changes can make it difficult for others to keep track of your identity, potentially affecting your social connections and interactions within the platform. Consider choosing a username that you’re satisfied with for longer periods to maintain consistency in your online presence.

How can I ensure my new Discord username is not offensive or against community guidelines?

When selecting a new Discord username, ensure it adheres to Discord’s Community Guidelines, which prohibit offensive, harmful, or hateful content. Avoid using language that could be considered derogatory, discriminatory, or incites violence. Choosing a respectful and inclusive username fosters a positive environment and ensures a smoother social experience on the platform. If in doubt, review Discord’s guidelines or consider how your username might be perceived by a diverse online community.

Can server administrators force a nickname change if it’s inappropriate?

Server administrators and moderators have the authority to change or remove nicknames that violate server rules or Discord’s Community Guidelines. If your nickname is deemed inappropriate, an admin might change it to something neutral or ask you to select a new one. It’s crucial to respect server-specific rules and the broader Discord community standards to ensure a respectful and inclusive environment for all users.

What happens to my messages if I change my Discord username or nickname?

Changing your Discord username or nickname does not affect the visibility or content of your past messages. All previous messages will remain in the chat history, but they will be displayed under your new username or nickname. This ensures that conversations remain coherent and traceable, even after a name change.

If I’m banned from a server, can changing my username or nickname help me rejoin?

Bans on Discord are typically tied to your account’s unique user ID, not just your username or nickname, making it ineffective to change your name in an attempt to circumvent a ban. Attempting to bypass a ban using name changes or other methods violates Discord’s terms of service and can lead to further disciplinary action, including a potential platform-wide ban.

How do I change my username or nickname if I’m using Discord on a mobile device?

To change your username or nickname on a mobile device, open the Discord app and tap on your profile picture in the bottom right to access User Settings. For username changes, tap on “My Account” then “Username” and enter your new username. To change a nickname, select the server where you want the change, tap on your current nickname or username, then select “Change Nickname” to enter a new one. Remember to save your changes for both processes.

Can I set my nickname to automatically change after a certain period?

Discord does not support automatic changes to your nickname over time. Nickname changes need to be made manually each time you wish to update it. This manual process ensures that users consciously choose their nicknames, maintaining their relevance and appropriateness within each server’s context.

Is it possible to search for servers by a user’s nickname?

Discord’s search functionality does not support searching for servers based on a user’s nickname. Server searches are generally conducted through server names, topics, or tags. If you’re looking for a server that a specific user is part of, you would typically need to receive a direct invitation or server link from that user or mutual contacts.

How can I recover a previous username or nickname I liked but forgot to note down?

If you’ve forgotten a previous username or nickname and didn’t note it down, recovery might be challenging. Consider asking friends or server members if they remember or have screenshots of past conversations. For usernames, check your email inbox for any past communications from Discord, as they may include your username. Unfortunately, Discord does not provide a feature to view your username or nickname history at this time.

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