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Windows 11 on ARM PCs Boosted by Brave Browser Optimization

Brave Browser is now available on Windows 11 on ARM, ahead of the 2024 launch of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite.


The Brave browser optimization for ARM64 represents a significant advancement for the performance of Windows 11 on ARM PCs. The recent announcement that Brave browser now supports ARM64 architecture with native performance has been met with enthusiasm. This development ensures an improved browsing experience for users and positions Brave alongside Chrome and Edge in supporting the ARM-based system.

Snapdragon X Elite: Redefining ARM Computing

In a parallel development, there is anticipation for 's upcoming Snapdragon X Elite processor to change the landscape. Scheduled for a mid-2024 release, this processor promises to redefine the landscape of ARM computing. It's touted to outperform leading processors in the market, including Intel's Core i9-13980HX and 's M2 Max, according to leaked benchmarks. With features like a neural processing unit (NPU) optimized for local AI processing, the X Elite is expected to bolster on ARM PCs with remarkable computing capabilities, endurance, and efficiency.

Microsoft Still Cool on ARM

In November, I reported on Microsoft's reluctance to fully embrace Windows 11 on ARM. Microsoft has developed versions of its  and   that are compatible with ARM technology, offering the Windows on ARM experience with the benefits of ARM architecture. Windows 11, in particular, is designed with ARM compatibility in mind, including support for running x64 apps on ARM devices. 

 has evaluated the potential for transitioning its Windows operating system to ARM architecture, as evident from updated support on Windows 11. While ARM  have transformed the mobile industry, the same transition in the PC realm is proving to be more complex due to legacy applications and performance considerations for more demanding software applications.

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