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Windows 11 Rolls Out Advanced Features for Snipping Tool and Notepad to Insider Channels

New Windows 11 updates! Snipping Tool gets shapes for image annotations, while Notepad gains "Explain with Copilot" AI for text.


has unveiled updates to its Snipping Tool and Notepad apps within , delivering new functionalities to users participating in the Canary and Dev Insider channels. According to the official Windows Insider blog, the now includes new shape support for image captures, while introduces a tool.

Shape Support in Snipping Tool

The latest Snipping Tool version, labeled 11.2401.32.0, now offers users the ability to annotate their with a variety of shapes, such as rectangles, ovals, lines, and arrows. Users can access these features by clicking on the newly added shapes button within the toolbar. Once a shape is selected, the user can drag over the image to draw the shape. All shapes are adjustable in terms of size, position, and color, and will integrate into the image upon deselection. However, if users need to make adjustments or remove shapes, they can utilize the eraser tool or the undo function. Microsoft encourages feedback through the Feedback Hub under the Apps > Snipping Tool section.

Notepad Gains AI Capabilities


In a significant advancement for Notepad with version 11.2401.25.0, a feature named “Explain with Copilot” has been integrated. Leveraging the Copilot generative AI, users can gain insights and explanations of text within Notepad, ranging from log files and code segments to any specific content.

To activate the feature, users can highlight text and either right-click to select “Explain with Copilot” from the context menu or utilize the Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut for an instant detailed explanation provided by the AI within Copilot. This feature's availability is contingent upon the device's compatibility with Copilot in Windows, and there is an acknowledgment of known issues that may temporarily hinder accessibility for some users.

Users are invited to share their experiences and report any issues with the new feature in the Feedback Hub under Apps > Notepad. Given these updates, industry watchers and users alike are anticipating the impact and usefulness these enhanced features will bring to their day-to-day computing on Windows 11. With the introduction of AI elements such as Copilot in Notepad, Microsoft continues to emphasize the integration of advanced technology to streamline user experiences and increase productivity.

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