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Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26020 with Sudo Integration

New Windows 11 update brings Sudo command, improved hearing aid support, audio mic test tool, revamped Registry Editor, and Microsoft Store


has announced the release of Insider Preview Build 26020 for participants in the Canary and Dev Channels. The latest update introduces several enhancements, including a new Sudo feature for the command-line interface, significant improvements in hearing aid support, and a modernized Registry Editor.

Sudo Feature Integration

The Sudo command in Windows offers developers a method similar to Unix-like to elevate processes from the command line without switching user contexts. Users can enable the command by going to Settings > System > For developers and may select from three operational modes: running in a new window, with input disabled, or inline. Security implications vary with each mode, and Microsoft recommends users review these considerations through their official documentation before enabling the feature. Feedback on the Sudo command can be reported via the Feedback Hub under the Developer platform > command line category.

Enhancements in Hearing Aid Support

The build also delivers forward-looking advancements for users with Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) supported hearing aids. These enhancements now allow users to control audio presets and ambient sounds while providing an improved interface on the Settings > Bluetooth & devices page. The modifications permit direct pairing, audio streaming, and efficient call handling with LE Audio-compatible PCs. However, compatibility is not universal across all devices, and users need to confirm that both their Windows device and hearing aids support Bluetooth LE Audio.

Further Developments

Additionally, Windows 11 now includes an audio mic test utility accessible through microphone properties. This feature allows users to test and compare the Default and Communication mode audio. It serves as a testing tool to help users understand the processing differences between communications and standard applications. Feedback on this utility can be submitted in the Feedback Hub under the Audio and sound category.

Complementing these features, the update encompasses a host of changes and improvements across system functionalities, including the taskbar, system tray, Bluetooth, and graphics. The Registry Editor has been improved, offering a refreshed user interface alongside developer APIs and security adjustments.

Ongoing User Feedback

Alongside these system updates, the Microsoft Store has undergone changes. Users will notice an enhanced presentation on the pages, providing a comprehensive description of the subscription's benefits. These improvements aim at aiding users in discerning the best plan for their needs and understanding the features comprehensive of Microsoft 365. Feedback for the Microsoft Store can be lodged through the Feedback Hub under the Microsoft Store category.

Microsoft encourages users to explore these new features and report any feedback to help refine future releases. The update affirms Microsoft's commitment to expanding Windows 11's capabilities and providing a more tailored user experience for both developers and consumers.

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