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New Minecraft Education DLC Aims to Educate Young Gamers on Online Safety

View other drafts Free Minecraft DLC teaches kids online safety! "CyberSafe: Good Game" lets players practice handling cyberbullying, cheating, and more


Mojang in collaboration with has released a new free downloadable content (DLC) pack named CyberSafe: Good Game for both Minecraft Education and the Bedrock Edition. This release is part of an ongoing effort to use the immersive world of as an educational tool to promote online safety and respectful gaming among children.

The DLC focuses on guiding young players through simulations of online interactions, injecting lessons on appropriate conduct during such activities. It helps users identify and handle common online gaming issues such as cyberbullying and cheating, providing practical strategies like reporting and muting disruptive players.

Online Safety Education in Gaming

With CyberSafe: Good Game, children can engage with a simulated online gaming environment with a virtual group of friends, allowing them to experience and navigate the complexities and challenges involved in real multiplayer interactions without the associated risks. The pack aims to impart valuable lessons that include the crafting of a personal code of conduct for gaming, encouraging the enforcement of manners, teamwork, and mutual respect within the virtual community.

Microsoft's Xbox Wire portal provides in-depth details on the DLC's objectives and functionality. The educational package has been engineered not only for entertainment but also to equip young gamers with the skills to create a safe and positive online gaming environment.

Parental Involvement and Resources

Microsoft underscores the crucial role of parents in the equation, advocating for early and open discussions about online technology usage. Insights from Microsoft's Global Online Safety Survey reinforces this, revealing that 87 percent of child respondents have engaged in conversations with their parents regarding online risks.

Parents looking to further ensure their children's online safety are encouraged to visit the Xbox Family website. The site offers a plethora of information on safe gaming practices, including the Xbox Family app's features that assist in configuring protection settings and managing children's gaming activities.

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