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Microsoft Teams to Introduce Personalized Emoji Creation for Users

Microsoft Teams testing custom emoji creation for more personal communication. Users may soon design their own, boosting user engagement


Microsoft Teams is developing a feature that could soon allow users to create their own personalized emojis. Inside sources at have revealed that the company is initiating tests for this new functionality, aiming to make communication in Teams more vibrant and personalized. Anticipated by many users, this feature could position Teams alongside other platforms with similar emoji customization capabilities, such as Twitch and Discord.

User Engagement Through Personalization

Employees at Microsoft report experimenting with animated iterations of culturally popular memes, such as Pepe the Frog, within internal versions of the collaboration software. The addition of custom emojis is expected to enhance user engagement by allowing a more personal touch in interactions. As it stands, the platform already supports a variety of expression methods through existing emojis and GIFs. The prospect of creating a user's emoji promises to make Teams an even more inviting and communicative environment, potentially fostering stronger connections among its users.

Platform Enhancements and Considerations

Although has yet to officially announce the release date for the custom emoji feature, it is on the company's list of potential updates, waiting for further development and eventual deployment. Meanwhile, other enhancements such as nickname customization have become accessible to users, indicating that Microsoft continues to actively invest in user experience improvements. As the tech community awaits the preview and possible launch of user-generated emojis, the innovation reflects Microsoft's ongoing commitment to making Teams a more adaptive and socially equipped platform.

Microsoft Mesh Support in Teams

Last month, Microsoft Mesh made its full general availability debut in Teams. This new feature provides organizations with the capability to host online meetings in virtual environments, utilizing 3D avatars as representations of participants. The introduction of Mesh is expected to bring a more face-to-face interaction experience during digital meetings.

Mesh in Teams has been in preview since September and enhances collaboration by incorporating spatial audio, which facilitates conversations akin to in-person brainstorming sessions. Organizations are given the option to either use the pre-designed immersive spaces included with Microsoft Mesh or create their own using the Mesh Toolkit, which integrates with the Unity 3D development platform. 

SourceThe Verge
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