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Microsoft Intune Suite Expands with Three New Solutions for Enhanced Device Management

Microsoft boosts Intune Suite with 3 solutions: secure app control, personal device access, and AI-powered analytics.


has introduced three new solutions for its Intune Suite, significantly enhancing device management for corporate environments. With these solutions, organizations are equipped to manage apps on both company-owned and employee personal devices securely, streamline workflows, provide IT administrator training, and reduce overhead costs.

Enhanced Application and Device Control

The first of the three solutions, known as the Microsoft Intune Enterprise Application Management, aims to solidify endpoint security. It affords administrators more comprehensive control over company-approved applications by enabling them to assign privilege rights, streamline application updates, and set applications to update automatically.

In the prior year, Intune underwent an upgrade that allowed the prevention of malicious code execution. Building on this foundation, the new solution takes the prevention capabilities to a greater level. With its introduction, companies can easily discover, deploy, and manage commonly used pre-packaged applications. This update reduces the need for seeking out installation files, repackaging, and manually uploading them to the Microsoft Intune platform.

Secure Access on Personal Devices

The second solution, Microsoft Cloud KPI, incorporates Microsoft Tunnel for Mobile Application Management (MAM), which ensures that sensitive corporate data can be securely accessed via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on employees' personal and iOS devices. It permits the usage of approved apps and browsers, including , on personal devices without transferring corporate data onto the devices, aligning with privacy and security protocols.

The data within these applications are protected under corporate policies and are not stored on employee devices, providing a layer of security that allows personnel to work on sensitive projects without compromising their personal device's integrity.

Advancements in Analytics and AI Integration

The final component, Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics, provides organizations with near real-time insights into the health of their devices and managed applications. This solution leverages artificial intelligence to aid in enhancing the user experience and effectively managing threats. Advanced Analytics in Intune constitutes a sophisticated toolkit for actionable reporting. It grants organizations the ability to understand and anticipate user behavior, ultimately empowering them to proactively improve the user experience.

A Continuous Commitment to Security and Simplification

Microsoft asserts that these new solutions represent the core of the Intune Suite's evolution, bringing security, simplification, and cost savings to the forefront of enterprise device management. As publicized, Microsoft is determined to continue enhancing these solutions, ensuring they adapt to the ever-changing technology landscape and the needs of modern organizations.

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