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Outlook’s New Ad Policy Causes Concern Among Windows Users

New free Outlook app floods users with sneaky ads disguised as emails, sparking fury.


has introduced advertisements in the new free version of their Outlook email client, generating significant user discontent. These ads, which closely mimic the appearance of regular emails, are causing frustration as they are seemingly designed to encourage accidental clicks. Users of the free version of Outlook, which replaced the retired Mail app on Windows, are the ones affected by this update.

Outlook's Ad Policy Ignites Debate

The decision to include advertisements has ignited a debate over the appropriateness of inserting ads into software that comes pre-installed on a paid operating system. The ads are not a part of the premium version of Outlook, where users maintain an ad-free experience with an subscription. Users have taken to platforms such as Reddit to express their annoyance, with some considering abandoning the use of Outlook entirely due to this change. The advertisement can be deleted by users, but it reappears after restarting the application, limiting the effectiveness of any manual removal efforts.

Exploring Alternatives and User Reactions

In response, some users have started looking for alternative email clients, with Thunderbird mentioned as a popular choice among those seeking to avoid the advertisements. The community is now awaiting a response from Microsoft, with the hope that the company will reconsider the placement of these advertisements to minimize impact on user experience.

For users seeking to avoid ads in their operating system, guidance is available on how to remove advertisements from . The community's response to this news presents a clear message – the insertion of advertisements into previously ad-free built-in software is unwelcome. The reaction from Microsoft, if any, will likely play a crucial role in how users perceive the company's respect for their user interface experience moving forward.

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