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Microsoft Launches Device Readiness Test for Windows Update Deployment

New device readiness test in Windows Update for Business checks compatibility before deploying critical updates, saving time and avoiding disruptions.


The Windows Update for Business Deployment Service has been upgraded to include a new feature known as the device readiness test. Aimed at simplifying the deployment of expedited Windows quality updates, the service now provides organizations the ability to verify device compatibility for an update prior to actual deployment.

Ensuring Update Compatibility Before Deployment

Utilizing Microsoft Graph, the device readiness test analyzes Windows devices for deployment suitability without actually delivering content. It helps IT professionals identify any missing prerequisites, ensuring that once these are addressed, the update process can be executed without unexpected disruptions. The Expedite Status report in the for Business reports reveals which devices are not prepared for the update, with providing remediation guidance—the same essential alerts and corrections that were previously accessible only after a failed update attempt.

Efficient Response to Security Vulnerabilities

The business-centric deployment service has historically offered an Expedite feature, focusing on installing individual monthly quality patches deemed critical, such as those addressing zero-day vulnerabilities. Through this service, organizations can promptly respond to such impending threats. However, the feature is limited to expediting security patches, with Microsoft stating that not all updates qualify for this priority treatment. To use the Windows Update for Business Deployment Service, a Microsoft Intune license alongside E3 or E5-type licensing is required.

About Windows Update for Business Deployment Service

This cloud-based service from Microsoft streamlines the management of . Its capabilities are particularly vital for IT departments seeking efficient and secure management of updates across a range of devices. As the threat landscape evolves, such advanced features and tests become increasingly important in maintaining organizational security and operational integrity.

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