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Microsoft Edge for Android Readies Extension Support in Canary Build

Microsoft Edge on Android now lets you install extensions like Dark Reader and uBlock Origin, just like the desktop version!


will enhance for by introducing an experimental feature that enables users to install browser , a functionality traditionally reserved for desktop versions. Sourced from the early-release Canary Channel by Leopeve64, the move underscores an effort to bring mobile users on par with the desktop experience by adding popular extensions such as Dark Reader, Global Speed, and uBlock Origin.

Advancing Mobile Browsing Experience

The launch of extension support in the mobile browser signals Microsoft's intent to offer a versatile browsing experience across devices. While Chrome, the dominant mobile browser, lacks official support for mobile extensions, Edge's latest update could attract users seeking more functionality from their mobile internet tools. This feature is accessed through an “Extensions Beta” page, closely mirroring the desktop variant's capabilities.

Extensions are tools or software programs that add specific capabilities to a browser. For instance, ad blockers help in removing unwanted advertisements, and productivity tools can streamline various workflows. Edge's support for such extensions can lead to heightened productivity and more controlled browsing experiences on Android devices.

Edge: An AI Browser

In addition to the headline feature of extension support, Microsoft has rebranded its mobile browser to “Microsoft Edge: AI browser” indicating a shift towards prioritizing artificial intelligence features. AI-driven functionalities could suggest a personalized browsing experience and innovative tools based on machine learning algorithms.

Moreover, the Dev Channel has received Microsoft Edge version 122.0.2365.3, which introduces a translation icon in the PDF toolbar and flags new features with a “New” badge in the context menu. Further improvements and bug fixes accompany these additions, refining the overall user interface and stability.

Microsoft has yet to announce a definite release date for these new features in the stable builds of Edge for Android but is expected to push updates to beta testers by the end of February. Android users keen to experiment with the new functionalities can get the Edge Canary version from the Play Store, where the aforementioned updates are first tested.

As the Android browser landscape evolves, Google may take cues from these developments to add similar functionalities to Chrome for mobile, intensifying the competitive dynamics between the browsers. For now, Edge users have the opportunity to customize their mobile browsing experience with a suite of new tools at their fingertips.

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