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Microsoft Addresses Critical Azure Pipelines Vulnerability with Urgent Patch

Microsoft issues patch for critical Azure Pipelines flaw affecting open-source projects.


has released a patch for a serious security flaw discovered in Azure Pipelines, an issue potentially affecting up to 70,000 open-source projects. The patch, available since October, is crucial for maintaining the integrity of the testing environment where the vulnerability could allow malicious code to run.

Exploit Details and Microsoft's Response

Researchers at Legit Security have identified a vulnerability in Azure Pipelines that allows attackers to inject and execute malicious code within a live environment. Typically, Azure Pipelines is designed to run code in an isolated, secure environment during the testing phase. However, the flaw enables an adversarial code to escape this environment and access sensitive information and data.

The exploit is particularly threatening to repositories using triggers within Azure Pipelines. Despite the elevated access risk this vulnerability provides, Microsoft assures that it does not necessarily enable attackers to carry out further attacks.

Microsoft's Guidance for Users

To safeguard against potential exploitation, Microsoft emphasizes the importance of updating to the latest patch. Customers who stay current with updates should remain protected against the security flaw. Further demonstrating their commitment to user security, Microsoft has also recently remedied the CVE-2024-0519 vulnerability found in the Edge browser.

Aimed at organizations relying on Azure Pipelines for their operations, Microsoft suggests that automatic updates be enabled. For those who have not done so, the company advises downloading and applying the security update manually to ensure protection from potential .

In view of the situation, the company's insights show vigilance in monitoring and promptly responding to such , underscoring the importance of regular updates in maintaining .

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