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Microsoft 365 Core Services to Undergo Rust Transformation

Microsoft is shaking things up! They're planning to use Rust, a secure programming language, to rewrite key C# services in Microsoft 365.


has announced its intentions to leverage the Rust programming language in a significant revamp of its C# core services underpinning Microsoft 365. A recent job listing for a Principal Software Architect suggests a strategic pivot to modernize the company's cloud services at a global scale with Rust.

Microsoft's Commitment to Memory Safety

Expressions of interest in Rust from Microsoft are not new. Last year, the Redmond-based tech giant included Rust in the Windows kernel. The firm, along with Meta and AWS, is also a prominent supporter of the Rust Foundation. Rust's promise of rendering software memory-safe with less complexity than C++ aligns with industry trends emphasizing secure coding practices.

Implications for Developers and the Tech Community

The job role entails the development of component libraries, SDKs, and the transformation of current C# services to Rust. Despite Microsoft's public support for C#, the new development has sparked discussion within the developer community regarding the long-term position of C# in Microsoft's ecosystem. It further signifies the value of Rust in the broader scope of future and may guide career considerations for software engineers.

In a past instance, a Microsoft representative had to clarify after claiming the porting of to JavaScript, which indicates the sensitivity surrounding such major transitions. However, Microsoft's continued endeavors in incorporating Rust suggest a genuine interest that extends beyond exploratory phases.

As part of the Microsoft 365 Core Platform organization, Substrate App Platform is instrumental in Microsoft's cloud service infrastructure. Its engagement in adopting Rust implies a significant shift for the platform that powers various cloud services. Developers and industry professionals will be looking closely at how this transition will unfold and the potential it has for shaping a new paradigm in cloud service development.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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